A further look at the results of the 2015 WTC.

As you have come to expect from a gig run by the players for the players, we want to make the data from the event as accessible as possible.

With 750 games played in the team tournament alone, below are some of those results. However, as we have been amazed with the sort of things the community can come up with, we also want to make the results from all past WTCs available to you. You can download the file in CSV format here. Enjoy, and do share!

PS: Have a look at the victory conditions per team. Finland Blue lost only one of their 10 lost games on scenario, and amazingly nobody on Australia Wombat lost even a single game on scenario all tournament. Neither team ever clocked out. I think there might be a clue there for teams looking to do well next year 🙂






Edit: One more:


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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8 Responses to A further look at the results of the 2015 WTC.

  1. Dave Hartless says:

    Any change of getting a DB page up for the 2015 data, like we have for the 2014 data at: http://wmh-wtc.com/query.php?

    • Hi Dave,

      At your request, the query page now points to the 2015 data, but you can also just get the full stats in the csv linked in the post.

      • Josh says:

        Hi, any way we can get access (either through the query site or a CSV) for the lists that were submit? I don’t see any way to pull the raw data down from DGI.

        I tried running a query to see the tables available but I only see one for results, I thought there was one called players or lists last year that was also useful.

      • The csv with player lists for the 3 editions can now be had here. The formatting might look a little funky due to the newlines, but let me know if it isn’t usable.

      • Dave Hartless says:

        Thanks guys! Any chance you’re going to add all the list details into the DB like you had for 2014? I know that’s a lot of work.

  2. mephistonag says:

    Reblogged this on Mephiston's Wargame blog and commented:
    I do like good stats!

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