WTC Payments

Payments to the WTC can be made via one method for now (international bank transfer).


Standard Fee

  • 690€ for a GB team (3 people/120€ prepayment)
  • 1150€ for a WMH team (5 people/200€ prepayment)
  • 230€ for a solo (1 person/40€ prepayment)

WTC Cost Breakdown v1

  • 210€ for a plus one (1 person/40€ prepayment)

Bank account details

Name: Stowarzyszenie Silesian Gaming Association
IBAN: PL 73 1050 1298 1000 0024 3930 9234

Transfer comment:

  • SYSTEM = “WMH” or “GB”
  • TEAM = “Country + number” or “Player Name” in case of SOLO

Example: WTC GB Poland 1

Full address (of organisation)
Street: Wolnosci 292
Town: Zabrze
Post code 41-800

Full address (of bank)

ING Bank Slaski SA
Street: Ul Sokolska 34
Town: Katowice
Post code 40-086

Contact number: +48 692-828-937
Contact person: Szymon Ratka

Email: (For GB) (For WMH)






11 Responses to WTC Payments

  1. Jeff Galea says:

    Is the above bank account from a bank in Poland? I have to know to make the transfer.


  2. sious_69 says:

    I just transferred the deposit for Team Australia but Paypal froze. I have the charge on my account, but not certain if all the information came through.

  3. VM says:

    Hello, is there any additional info on paying the fees? Is there 100 euros deposit like last year? If so, when do we need to pay it? When do we need to pay whole 600 euros? I haven´t recieved any instructions after registration. Thanks

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