WTC Cost & Payment Information

Updated for WTC 2020

Click here for a full list of teams who have registered and their payment status.


Room costs are listed below:

Economy (amount: 45 TWINS), TICKET – 230 euro
Additional night (per room): 60 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

Standard (amount: 55 TWINS), TICKET – 240 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

BUSINESS (amount: 110 TWINS), TICKET – 250 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

BUSINESS (amount: 30 KINGS), TICKET – 250 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

All rooms are for two persons!

We have increased costs since 2018 due to:
– inflation in Poland
– we need to buy an entire stack of mats
– we will have less people than 2 years ago and prices increase

6 meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinner as usual in form of buffet)
2 nights in hotel (Friday and Saturday)
2 big conference halls (as last year)
buying terrains, mats and clocks from the Belgian organizing team
few free spots for judges, Data entry, streaming etc.

Payments to the WTC can be made via international bank transfer (strongly preferred) and via PayPal.

Bank account details for International Bank Transfer

Coming Soon.

Transfer comment:

  • TEAM = “Country + number” or “Player Name” in case of SOLO

Example: WTC Poland 1


Coming Soon.

Payment in EUR only, you cover the PayPal fees (send money to a friend). We’ll just refuse incorrect payments, it’s really a lot less hassle.

Please adhere to the transfer comments above.

Information email address:


11 Responses to WTC Cost & Payment Information

  1. Jeff Galea says:

    Is the above bank account from a bank in Poland? I have to know to make the transfer.


  2. sious_69 says:

    I just transferred the deposit for Team Australia but Paypal froze. I have the charge on my account, but not certain if all the information came through.

  3. VM says:

    Hello, is there any additional info on paying the fees? Is there 100 euros deposit like last year? If so, when do we need to pay it? When do we need to pay whole 600 euros? I haven´t recieved any instructions after registration. Thanks

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