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Guild Ball WTC Team Selection Methods

While on the Guild Ball Tonight podcast, we were asked how countries best choose the people to represent them at the WTC. Therefore, we put together some of the methods we came across throughout the years, to guide you/inspire you … Continue reading

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Guild Ball Registrations Overview

Hello sports fans! Here is an overview of the 15 confirmed registrations we have as of today, March 13th! Belgium 1 England 1 France 1 France 2 France 3 Germany 1 Germany 2 Germany 3 Hungary 1 Poland 1 Spain … Continue reading

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Warmachine & Hordes Registrations overview

Hello fellow gamers! Here is an overview of all confirmed registrations, as of today, March 13th. Warmachine & Hordes: Australia 1 Australia 2 Austria 1 Austria 2 Belarus 1 Belgium 1 Belgium 2 Canada 1 Canada 2 China 1 China … Continue reading

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More registration deadline warnings and Solo Masters info!

Ladies and gentlemen, This is your WTC committee! Today, we have some deadline warnings, but also some sweet sweet Solo Masters info, and even Guild Ball teasers! Don’t touch that dial!   The deadline for Warmachine & Hordes team registrations … Continue reading

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