Registration open

Registration for the 2020 WTC is now open!

Rules for who is eligable to be on a team and how mercenary players work can be found here: Player Eligibility

The Venue is the same as for WTC 2018, Sangate hotel in Warsaw and the dates are 11-13 September 2020.

Registration: 16-31 January 2020
Prepayment period: 3-16 February 2020
Prepayment: 200 EURO

Register through this google form: Team Registration and remeber to put a number after your country to make handling easier for us in the commitee!

The committee will update payment list once everyday during payment period.

A link with registered teams, payment status and so on will be avaliable on this homepage when registrations start coming in (and this post will be updated with a link to that information)

Payment options:
– Bank transfer (all transfer fees are covered by players)
– Paypal (+4%)
– Credit card or online transfer in PLN (+1,5%)
Each team captain can be sent an invoice for it with Polish taxes included.
Payment details coming soon and will be available here.

Prepayment can not be refunded and payment is final. It might be possible to transfer the prepayment to another person/team but the committee can not promise anything regarding such transfers beforehand.
We will have 3 different classes for rooms: ECONOMY, STANDARD, BUSINESS.

Room costs are listed below:

Economy (amount: 45 TWINS), TICKET – 230 euro
Additional night (per room): 60 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

Standard (amount: 55 TWINS), TICKET – 240 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

BUSINESS (amount: 110 TWINS), TICKET – 250 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

BUSINESS (amount: 30 KINGS), TICKET – 250 euro
Additional night (per room): 65 euro
Additional dinner on Sunday: 20 euro

All rooms are for two persons!

We have increased costs since 2018 due to:
– inflation in Poland
– we need to buy an entire stack of mats
– we will have less people than 2 years ago and prices increase

6 meals (2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 dinner as usual in form of buffet)
2 nights in hotel (Friday and Saturday)
2 big conference halls (as last year)
buying terrains, mats and clocks from the Belgian organizing team
few free spots for judges, Data entry, streaming etc.

Information about +1, sharing of rooms and more will come out as soon as we have the information ready.

Click here for a full list of teams who have registered and their payment status.

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3rd teams for WTC 2020

Update time for 3rd teams!

3rd team priority is decided as follows:

1 point per team at the last WTC, max 2. 

We want countries that attended the last WTC to have a bigger chance to include more teams the coming year, also having at least 2 teams shows that the country has the will and possibility to send multiple teams. The max 2 limit is used to avoid creating a system where its very hard for teams that didn’t get a third team last time to get it in the coming year.

1 point per time zone, max 2.

Some countries have a very large geographical area, this can end up with metas that have a hard time to interact and we want to open up the options for more of the regions to be represented.

The 5 most populous countries get 2 points, 6-10th most populous get 1 point

Higher populations means more potential players, and we want more of those players to get a chance to represent their country at the WTC.

3 points to the winners, 2 point for 5-1 and 1 point for 4-2 for the highest placing team from a country

Countries that perform well keeps the level of play at the WTC up and we want to give more people from that country a chance to compete.

Points for a country’s second team’s placing, 4 points for 5-1 and 2 points for 4-2. 

If the second best placing team of a country does well we really want to see what they can bring with a third team!

Ties are broken by team placement from the previous year

For this we compare the countries in question, the team used is based on the number of teams of the country with fewest teams the previous year (ie if both countries have 3 teams we compare 3rd team placement, if ones has 2 teams and the other 3 we compare 2nd team placements)

A change since previous years is that the points for placements of the first and second team will be counted from the last WTC a country attend, not only the last WTC. We are making this change to give some space for countries that for some reason can’t come one year (or every year in general) but did well before to be able to get a 3rd team. Not being at the last WTC still gives a disadvantage in getting a 3rd team (see above) but this opens up the possibility for it. Tiebreaker for team placement will always be lost for such a country due to not having any placement at the last WTC.

Another change happened last year but was never officially announced:

Previous organizers no longer get extra points. Instead they are guaranteed a 3rd team either the year they organize it or the year after. This is to avoid organizing countries having a benefit forever but still give them some benefit. Being able to use it the year after is connected to if a lot of players in that meta will be involved in the organizing and as such filling 3 teams that year might be hard.

We hope these rules seem fair and understandable.

With the rules above we get the list below:

3rd pririty
If you notice any mistakes or if something is missing please let us know as soon as possible and we will update the list.

Watch this space for more information regarding sign up and other details coming soon!

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WTC 2020 Announcement

After a few changes of dates due to a double booking from the hotel and an unfortunate clash of dates with holidays we now have the set date for WTC 2020!

11-13 September 2020, Sangate hotel, Warsaw, Poland

We hope these dates works out for the majority of you and hope to see you all in Poland!

/WTC Committee

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WTC Committee 2020

With the 2019 WTC over there has been an elections among the captains of the 2019 WTC teams to elect new members to the committee.

The staying members from before are:
Cristophe Dirckx (Belgium)
Szymon Ratka (Poland)

New elected members for this year are:
Gil Surepi (Denmark)
Zosia Simpson (USA)
Johan Dyrlind (Sweden)

More information about us will be coming up on the homepage the coming days/weeks.

We are also working on keeping this homepage up to date and to work as a hub for all information so please check back here to find the latest information at all times.

If you have any questions feel free to write a reply here, contact us at social media or send us an email to:

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WTC winners 2019: Norway Munin!

A big congratulations to the Norwegians for winning this years WTC!



And a big thanks to everyone who has participated or helped WTC be the success it was. Now the work starts for the next WTC to be even better, we hope to see you all there!

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Warmachine WTC Registered Teams & 3rd Teams

The following teams have submitted registrations and made correct deposit payment for the Warmachine & Hordes WTC 2019 in Belgium.  If your country/team is not on this list and you are interested in this event, please contact the WTC Committee ASAP.  Final registrations for first and second teams has been extended to April 1st.  If by April 1st you have not completed correct payment and communicated with us, you will not be playing at the WTC.

Third teams, please fill in this form to register.  We’ll be determining a list of priority and offering slots to third teams very soon, at which point we’ll be taking payment from those Captains.

Canada 1
Canada 2
Poland 1
Poland 2
Wales 1
Denmark 2
Wales 2
Norway 1
Norway 2
Russia 2
Netherlands 1
Finland 2
Finland 1
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
Italy 1
Portugal 1
Italy 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
France 1
France 2
Spain 1
Spain 2
Lithuania 1
Russia 1
China 2
Greece 1
Denmark 1
Sweden 1

If you need to follow up with the committee about your registration, please email COMMITTEE (at) WMH-WTC (dot) com

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WTC 2019 Registrations are open!

Hello everyone,

The WTC registrations are now open!

For now, we’re taking registrations for first and second teams:

GB teams of 3 people with 90€ (non-refundable) prepayment – fill out this form:

WMH teams of 5 people with 150€ (non-refundable) prepayment – fill out this form:

Payment details here:


Provisional timeline: (subject to change)

March 1st, third/fourth teams can be preregistered
April 1st, we close all teams registrations, award third/fourth team slots and open registration for solo masters.


Looking forward to hear from all of you!

-The WTC Committee


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