Guild Ball Rules pack & 3rd team registrations

Hey Coaches!

I’d like to release the rules pack now, along with the 3th team registration form.

Short summary of the immediate timeline

  • 1st of June final payment, € 690 per team, you already paid  € 90, so € 600 is still due 😊
  • End of July we need to know your team composition which means what person will play in your team
  • List submission deadline 1st of September, we know SFG is releasing another errata somewhere in August, so we want to give teams a basic testing period, prior to submitting their teams.


Here is the rules pack for Guild Ball 2019



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Warmachine WTC Registered Teams & 3rd Teams

The following teams have submitted registrations and made correct deposit payment for the Warmachine & Hordes WTC 2019 in Belgium.  If your country/team is not on this list and you are interested in this event, please contact the WTC Committee ASAP.  Final registrations for first and second teams has been extended to April 1st.  If by April 1st you have not completed correct payment and communicated with us, you will not be playing at the WTC.

Third teams, please fill in this form to register.  We’ll be determining a list of priority and offering slots to third teams very soon, at which point we’ll be taking payment from those Captains.

Canada 1
Canada 2
Poland 1
Poland 2
Wales 1
Denmark 2
Wales 2
Norway 1
Norway 2
Russia 2
Netherlands 1
Finland 2
Finland 1
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
Italy 1
Portugal 1
Italy 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
France 1
France 2
Spain 1
Spain 2
Lithuania 1
Russia 1
China 2
Greece 1
Denmark 1
Sweden 1

If you need to follow up with the committee about your registration, please email COMMITTEE (at) WMH-WTC (dot) com

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WTC 2019 Registrations are open!

Hello everyone,

The WTC registrations are now open!

For now, we’re taking registrations for first and second teams:

GB teams of 3 people with 90€ (non-refundable) prepayment – fill out this form:

WMH teams of 5 people with 150€ (non-refundable) prepayment – fill out this form:

Payment details here:


Provisional timeline: (subject to change)

March 1st, third/fourth teams can be preregistered
April 1st, we close all teams registrations, award third/fourth team slots and open registration for solo masters.


Looking forward to hear from all of you!

-The WTC Committee


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WMH: CG Release date shift

Hey folks,
We’ve had a few questions about the recent release date change for a few CG models. This year, we’re intending to honor the list of models we indicated would be legal. We’ve confirmed with the players using these models that they have access to them and will have no trouble playing their submitted lists. No submitted lists will be changed.
This does not represent a policy change, per se, simply the cleanest solution to the problem this year. We will leave the issue of how this challenge may be resolved in the future to be determined by a future committee.
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WMH: WTC seeks a few more Judges

Hey folks,

As the event dates narrow in and we confirm final plans for staffing, we’d like to open a wide call for volunteers with a Warmachine expertise.  If you’ve previously been involved in table-judging at the WTC, or you’d like to get involved helping out at this premier level event, send us an email.

Selected volunteers will receive accommodation and food all weekend, and the thanks of the Warmachine community.  This event isn’t possible without your help!  If you or someone you know might like to help us out, please contact us and let us know.

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Guildball Rulespack

Hey Guild Ball players,

Sorry for the delay publishing the Rulespack.  Here is is, live and available for your enjoyment.  Edit – an older version of the rulsepack draft was published by mistake.  The up-to-date and correct version is here: WTC_GB_Rulespack_2018

On a second note, it is time to start getting your player roster in. So either captains can get their team rosters filled in 3 times or ask their players to do this individually.

Please use the form below:

Team submission

Remember, no captain may be shared within a WTC-team.

In case of the sturdy Blacksmiths, you have to elect 3 possible captain-masters in your roster, please add Cpt. before the masters name. (e.g. Cpt. Ferrint, Cpt. Burnish and Cpt. Anvil)


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Warmachine: Rulespack and List Lock Dates

The WMH Rulespack has been released, updated for this year.  This is later this year than we would have liked it to be, and we’re sorry for that.  It answers a few specific questions that came up last year, but is in most ways consistent with years previous.  Let us know if there are concerns — this may still be adjusted before the event.

Also, a reminder that list lock is August 20th.  Captains will be receiving emails to add lists via Conflict Chamber in the next day or so.  If you’re a captain or local coordinator who has not received a Conflict Chamber link, let us know ASAP.

Guildball players, expect a Rulespack and details on how to submit player teams shortly.

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