WTC Questionnaires – all your info are belong to us!

Hello boys and girls,

To make sure you people get the right food, can share rooms with the right people and so on, we have crafted questionnaires.

Please fill these out. For teams, this should be the captain’s job, singles and plus ones can obviously take care of themselves.

Warmachine & Hordes WTC teams:

Guild Ball WTC teams:

WTC Solo Masters players:

Plus ones:

Judges & Crew:


The deadline for forms (and additional nights, meals, and other assorted shenanigans) is August 1st.

If you fail to fill out the questionnaire, you might find yourself eating vegetarian food all weekend, and/or bunking with our own Chuck Snorris, compared to whose snoring a heavy chainsaw sounds like a faint background noise.

As always, if you have any questions, is where it’s at.

Thank you very much,

-The WTC logistics team


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Team payments update

Hello there,

Here is a short update regarding the team payments for the WTC.

Warmachine & Hordes

(Guild Ball – please see below)

As of today, we haven’t received the full amount for the following Warmachine&Hordes teams:

  • Australia 1
  • Australia 2
  • Austria 1
  • Austria 2
  • New Zealand 1
  • Poland 2
  • Estonia 1
  • Switzerland 1
  • Switzerland 2
  • England 3

If you’re part of these teams, please badger your mates and try to get the payment in as soon as you can – deadline was May 1st (yes, that’s over a month ago).

If you want to book extra nights, Sunday dinners and such, just wire us the extra money, and tell us what you’re paying for via, or via the questionnaire that every captain should have gotten via email.

If you have paid already, but you’re still on this list – get in touch with us asap. is where it’s at.

If you are a Warmachine&Hordes captain, but haven’t gotten the questionnaire, get in touch with us as well.

Guild Ball

Payment deadline for Guild Ball teams is July 1st. We expect the remaining sum of 540 euros (a total of 630 minus the 90 deposit). If you want extra nights, Sunday dinners and such, just wire us the money, and tell us what you paid for via

All payment details are here:

We expect to get a questionnaire out soonish, with all details regarding food preferences, extra nights, and so forth, to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Closing statements

If you have any questions regarding payments, accommodation, or possibilities to get tucked in at night and so forth, just email us as We don’t always answer immediately, but we do make sure everything gets sorted properly.

Looking forward to see you in Blankenberge!

-The WTC Committee

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The Warmachine & Hordes WTC streaming fundraiser is live!

You might know the teams from Enter the Crucible and Muse on Minis – the’re the guys who provided the fantastic streaming of the WTC in 2015 and 2016.

Now, their fundraiser to bring that same top level streaming to the WTC 2017 is live!

Check out the video below:

Why you should look into this:

  • The funding goal represents the amount of money it would take to send two equipment technicians and two commentators to the WTC, like they have done in the past.
  • 100% of the proceeds of this campaign will go towards the World Team Championship streaming effort, even if the funding goal is not met. Worse case scenario, the funds will be used to support other streaming efforts or send equipment and an equipment technician to assist in the streaming of the World Team Championship.
  • If the goal is met, you can expect not only the same quality of coverage they are known for, but several technological improvements they would love to show off as well.

So if you want a full blow-by-blow report of the WTC as it happens, with live commentary and interviews, be sure to check this fundraiser out!

-The WTC Committee


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The menu for the WTC weekend

Hello fellow gamers,

Below, you will find the proposed menu for the WTC weekend. As you might know, we’re Belgians. We’re very serious about this.

On Friday evening, we start out slow with a “frietkot”, which offers french fries and assorted deep fried snacks. It’s not very refined, but very traditional, and just really good.

Saturday Lunch

Fresh soup of the day

Main course:
Pastry stuffed with vol au vent, served with cress and french fries
Pastry stuffed with fish ragout, served with cress and french fries
Bell pepper stuffed with hummus of chickpeas, served with cress and french fries

White chocolate cake with sweet crumble dough and foxberries, finished with white chocolate shavings

Saturday dinner: Barbecue

The way you assume it would be, but better (unless you attended the Belgian Masters XXX, that is). Lots of grilled meat & fish, and side dishes for camouflage. Options for vegetarians will be provided as well.

Sunday Lunch

Delicious salmon cocktail “Belle-Vue”
Fresh soup of the day

Main course:
Belgian pork cheek stew served with applesauce, baked potatoes and thyme
Breaded pollock fillet filled with mozzarella and tomato, served with Napolitain sauce and mashed potatoes finished with pesto and rucola
Eggplants stuffed with seitan, served with a herb sauce and pasta.

Praliné mousse with subtle citrus flavours

Sunday dinner

Gratinated fish stew à la chef
Fresh soup of the day

Main course:
Pork tenderloin filled with herb cheese and wrapped in a jacket of delicious bacon, served with a creamy mustard sauce, seasons’s vegetables and potato croquettes
Fish brochette with delicacies from the sea, served with fennel sauce and mashed sweet potatoes
Stuffed tomatoes with tofu, rice and vegetable sauce

Dessert plate “Floreal”


Please read this carefully, we will be asking your preferences via the questionnaire. We’ll send it out very soon, we swearz.


-The WTC logistics committee


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Warmachine & Hordes WTC payment deadline coming up & Solo Masters overview

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

As mentioned in the Player Pack, the payment deadline for the WTC teams is coming up. We expect your dubloons to reach our coffers by May 1st. Since dubloons are not known for their fast travelling, please see this as a gentle prod to get things rolling.

All payment details can be found here.


Meanwhile, the registrations for the WTC Solo Masters are coming in. As of today, the following people have registered:

Philip Shaw
Hans-Leonard Kjenes
Marc Williams
Dave Wilson
Mark Whitenstall
Brett Pandolfi
Frederic Pera
Christina Faure
André Valentin
Javier Fernandez
David Lindegren
Jan Saladjczyk
Andreas Neugebaur
Lotte Lambrechts
Zi Baxter
Giovanni Arrigoni
Samuele Del Borrello
Peter Bom Jensen
Michael Kristiansen
Christopher Young

If you think your name should be on that list but isn’t, please get in touch with us asap via

Also, please note that the registration for the Solo Masters closes on June 1st, so if you consider coming, just get your ticket sorted!

See you in Belgium!

-The WTC Committee


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Guild Ball Registrations overview!

Hello sports afficionadoes,

The current tally of registered teams is as follows:

  1. Belgium 1
  2. Belgium 2
  3. Belgium 3
  4. Denmark 1
  5. England 1
  6. England 2
  7. England 3
  8. France 1
  9. France 2
  10. France 3
  11. Germany 1
  12. Germany 2
  13. Germany 3
  14. Hungary 1
  15. Poland 1
  16. Slovenia
  17. Spain 1
  18. Spain 2 (Tridente)
  19. Spain 3
  20. Steamforged 1
  21. Steamforged 2
  22. Sweden 1
  23. Sweden 2
  24. Sweden 3
  25. Switzerland 1
  26. USA 1
  27. USA 2
  28. USA 3

This means we have just 4 spots left! If you’re still thinking of mobilizing your community, better get moving before the registration deadline of June 1st!

Looking forward to welcome you on the pitch,

-The Organizing Pundits


PS – we just decided that “afficionadoes” is an actual word. It’s a perk of being an Organizing Pundit.

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How to book additional nights for Warmachine & Hordes WTC team members

Hello folks,

For the time being, please hold off on booking additional nights for team members of Warmachine & Hordes teams.

To keep oversight, the logistics team intends to bundle all these bookings in a questionnaire, which we intend to spread in the coming weeks.

Thank you all mucho for understanding,

-The WTC Committee


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