WTC is right around the corner!

Please note check-in for the event AND check-in for the hotel will not open until 18:00 on Friday, 7.10.22.

🍺 Bar opens at 12:00.

🎲 Free play tables open at 16:00.

The full calendar of events can be found in the player packet, on the website, or in this Google calendar.

See you all in Belgium next week!

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Our data entry has been hard at work to get all team and player data input into our tournament software.

Hence we are happy to announce our partnernship with Tiebreak! The software has been proven reliable over many large events (most notably the Welsh Masters) and even provides stats, so it seemed perfect for what we needed.
We are also working with the developer to get a few more features and small quality of life improvements done before the WTC so that everything will run as smoothly as possible.

The event, with lists, will go live at at some point shortly after this announcement.
Note that reserve players are not included here, so published stats may differ slightly from ones the community has already made.

During the WTC weekend, pairings and results will be publicly available for all to see, so everyone can follow the progress of their favorite team(s).

We will see you all soon!

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All the lists are in! (And mostly on time, I might add!) We have already given them a quick look. Now we will put them into our software to be ready for the WTC proper.

As an aside, note that we are not infallible, and you may still be penalized if it turns out later that your list is actually illegal.

Also, in the unlikely event a reserve player has to step in without proper lists in this document, they will be playing the lists of the person they replace, as to keep it fair.

We didn’t want to torture you with any long wait, as we know you’re all just itching to have a look at all this jank, as well perhaps as the genuinely good lists.

And of course, there are those that like data, and like to do data wizardry, and we didn’t want to deny them their fun either.

So, without further ado, here are the lists:

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Streaming at WTC

As WTC draws near and we are all looking forward to finding out who PP is going to send to provide the commentary on the stream, we turn our attention toward the streaming crew! We, and Privateer Press, love to be able to share the event with communities around the globe and we have a stream crew ready and willing to provide the equipment, but we need your help. Travel costs aren’t cheap, so the group is crowdsourcing funds for this endeavor of transferring the equipment and crew over to the venue.

Click here to donate or visit to contribute!

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List deadline approaching

Hello everyone,

Now that the WTC, and list lock, are drawing nearer, we would like to kindly ask every captain to fill out the following form for your team.

Please make sure you are logged into google with the correct email address, because you will be sent a confirmation which you may use to alter your submission up until the deadline of 2022-09-01.

After we have collected all the data, we will make the lists available online for everyone to view.

Kind regards,

/The WTC Committee

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Final reminder registration from

Please fill out the administration form for the teams ( and have your partners, friends, children, dogs, cats and everyone else that may be coming fill out the other form ( This last form must also be filled out by Solo Masters players.

For the teams we need these forms to finalize the lineup and to divide the beds. This is also your opportunity to change your team name. For everyone else, you can also enter who you may want to share a room with and we will do our utmost to respect this so you can sleep together with your friend or spouse.

If you have already filled it out, there is technically nothing else you need to do, but I would appreciate it if you would pass it on to anyone that might be coming but wasn’t registered yet (such as +1’s) as we don’t really have any other way to contact them.

If you are unsure if you have filled out the form, feel free to contact the committee via email or on messenger and we can check for you. You should also have gotten a confirmation email, which you can conveniently use to change your answer.

We need those answers within the next few days so please fill them in as soon as possible!

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REMINDER: WTC 2023 is still on the horizon!

We continue to look forward to WTC 2023 and the committee is accepting applications to organize the next edition of the World Team Championship. If you or your country are interested to host this event, please send an email to!

We advise any potential applicants to reach out to some venues that are large enough to host upwards of 300 people. After applying, your bid will need to contain information about reachability of the venue, e.g. close to an airport and/or international railway, as well as expected price for a single all-in ticket. Of course you should make sure that these prices also cover the costs you will have to make, such as insurance, deposits, price to rent the hotel/venue, possible swag bags. If you have any questions about the logistics of it all, feel free to reach out to us, and Christophe Dirckx in particular, and we’ll be happy to put you on the right track.

We look forward to hearing from you, and making the next WTC the smashing success it deserves to be.

/The WTC Committee

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Calling all Mercenaries!

Have you always wanted to join a team for the WTC but never found one, or is your meta too small? Or were you maybe too late to sign up this year, but you still have an itch that needs scratching? Or perhaps you’d simply like to be the hero we need! As mentioned in the player pack, you may register yourself as a “mercenary” for the WTC, whether or not you are already registered to attend the Solo Masters, or as a team reserve. If it comes to it, in case of an odd number of teams, the WTC Committee will draw from this pool of mercenaries to form a “Team United Nations”. The relevant passage may be found in the photo below or on page 11 of the Player Packet.

At the moment, we do actually have an odd number of teams, so if ever there was a time to come forward, it is now! You can register simply by sending us an email at mentioning “mercenary” and your full name in the subject. In case you had already paid for another arrangement, such as a spot for the Solo Masters, or as a +1, we can transfer these funds to your team, should you be selected.

To anyone hesitant about doing this, we can tell you the experience is a blast, and most of us have attended the WTC as attendees over the years, so we’re not just tooting our own horn here. We hope to hear from you. In which case we would like to thank you for stepping up, and we’ll see you in Belgium!

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Hi everyone,

We would like to give one last reminder about the 1 July deadline for full payments. Note that the transfer is to a Belgian bank account so could come with some delay and the deadline is a Friday. Please make sure the money reaches us on time, or we will not be able to guarantee your spot, due to our arrangements with the hotel.

Thank you for your understanding.

As always, all info can be found on our website at here.

Also note that we require some additional info for every person attending, even non-players. You have time to fill out the forms found here (scroll to the bottom of the page) until 1 August.

See you all in October!

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Final Payments DUE 01.07.22

🚨🚨REMINDER!🚨🚨 Final payments due for WTC 2022 are coming due 1 July 2022. Payment info can be found here.

Still thinking of signing up?

👫 Register for teams:

🧍 Register for solo masters:

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