Quick country registration update

Not only have all 21 countries from 2013 now re-registered, 6 brand new countries have joined the competition.

These are the countries new to the 2014 event so far:

Northern Ireland

5 slots left! Act fast, win a toaster*!

*The toaster is a lie.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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8 Responses to Quick country registration update

  1. Zoroastre says:

    So… are you considering extending the number of teams (and thus, the number of rounds)?

    • Discussions are on-going as to the final make up of the competition in terms of number of teams and/or the size of the teams. There are many things to consider when looking at making such a significant change to the event structure so it is not something that can be done lightly.

      The bottom line is that we still have not actually sold out the tickets, we have 28 countries with 4 spots still left. However with the growing call to increase the number of players that can attend the WTC the committee are carefully considering their options.

      Andrew Galea

      • Zoroastre says:

        I can relate to that. Bound to be a logistics nightmare. Still, here’s fingers crossed for an extension. Thanks for the answer.

  2. Mcpolle says:

    Is there a fixed date yet?? To when it will be held??

  3. Omar Galea says:

    Hi Andrew,
    We have currently a team ready to confirm Registration from the UAE.
    Please let us know what procedures are require so we can please register

  4. Mcpolle says:

    So how many teams are we up on now??

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