How to follow the action at the WTC

The WTC is this weekend!  Get you and your friends ready to gather around the screen (perhaps playing some games too?) and watch all the action.  Here’s how:

For stats and immediate result updates, visit

We will have 2 live streams this year.  The primary stream is
This stream will have multiple cameras on games within a team matchup with commentary from Page5de and the Muse on Mini’s team.

The secondary stream is on
This stream will cover only 1 game (although all 5 will be recorded for posting later) and includes commentary from a crack French/English team of commentators (one of which is part of the Murder of Crows podcast).

Here’s the schedule (all times Central European Time).  Only undefeated teams will be streamed:

Friday 21:00:  Grudge matches (if equipment is setup and working properly).  Choices include USA v Canada, Sweden v Finland, England v Australia/New Zealand (the Ashes), France v Italy.

Saturday – 23.09.17
09:15 – Round 1 (featuring Far East/Australian matchups)
14:00 – Round 2 (featuring European matchups)
16:45 – Round 3 (featuring North American matchups)

Sunday – 24.09.17
9:00 – Round 4 (featuring Far East/Australian matchups, if undefeated)
13:45 – Round 5 (Semi Finals featuring European matchups, if undefeated)
16:30 – Round 6 (Finals)


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The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes
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