Guild Ball WTC Team Selection Methods

While on the Guild Ball Tonight podcast, we were asked how countries best choose the people to represent them at the WTC. Therefore, we put together some of the methods we came across throughout the years, to guide you/inspire you in your process. Still, every nation is free to use whichever process they feel is best.

Method 1: Ranking based

Keep track of the results of each meaningful tournament in the country, determine the top performing players, et voilà. Very straightforward.

Possible discussion could arise in the definition of “meaningful”, but if you want an unbiased process and a strong team to represent your nation, this could be the method for you.

Method 2: National qualifier

Organize a tournament, the top performers form the teams. Still very straightforward.

Downside is that your teams will be decided based upon the result of one specific event. Still, for countries with fragmented metas (for example due to sheer size of the country), this can be an interesting method.

Method 3: The Dictator

One person just chooses all players to represent the national pride. The dictator has full freedom and can base their decision on bribes, relationships, hidden agenda’s, etc…
All joking aside, it may sounds very undemocratic, but if the dictator takes the form of the benign overlord, this doesn’t have to be a bad process per se. The advantage is that things get decided swiftly.

Method 4: First come, first served

This method doesn’t need a lot of explaining – the person who buys the ticket, forms the team.

If a discussion reaches an impasse, this could be a good way forward. Your country might not be sending the best team possible, but it is at least sending a team.

Method 5: Selection committee

A selection committee (often three members) is assembled by democratic vote. This committee then selects the teams, based on performance at meaningful (inter)national events, compatibility within a team, and often general ambassadorship for the nation.

This is the most lengthy process, but it probably generates the best result. A majority of teams is assembled this way.


All that being said, we advise that the Pundits within a specific country work together to assemble their teams, and communicate which practise is applicable for their country to their respective communities.

As stated before, we, the Organizing Pundits, leave it up to every community to select their teams in the way they see fit. Should a national community be unable to determine a way to select their teams, the committee is always there to mediate.

See you in Blankenberge!


-The Organizing Pundits


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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