Streaming from WTC 2016.

Last year, we had the guys from Enter the Crucible and Muse on Minis come over to the WTC and give us pro-level streaming and commentary from the event.  I think everyone agrees that it was a great addition to the event and helped people from all around the world to participate in the action.

Streaming games also helps strengthen the community by increasing the popularity of the game.  This translates to directly helping you have more people around wanting to play Warmachine and Hordes.

So, the same guys are looking to put on the same stream for you this year, but need help getting over to the event.  They continue to put their time into the project for free and also will provide the necessary equipment.  But some costs are always there, like travel costs and upgrading/replacing equipment.

Here’s a link to their fundraiser page.  All money goes directly to their expenses.  Hopefully you can help them reach their goal and bring us another great streaming event from the WTC.  Thanks for considering it.




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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