WTC Committee’s response to the August errata.

The following message was sent to the Captains last night:

Dear Captains,

  With the release of the August Errata just on the heels of the WTC list reveal, there are some obvious questions on everyone’s minds.  Therefore, the Committee took some time to review the changes and debate their implications.
  We have decided that there will be no list changes allowed and that all errata will be in effect at the WTC.
  Allowing list changes was completely off the table at this juncture since there could be far more adjustments made now that everyone knew what the other teams were bringing – beyond armies affected by the errata.
  So the question then became whether we should ignore all or parts of the errata.  We chose to accept the errata because first of all, one of Warmachine/Hordes’ strengths is that it is played the same way all around the world.  There are no house rules in our system.
  Second, while the changes are significant, they are not army breaking enough to warrant picking and choosing which errata should remain or not.  While we believe the errata potentially changes the match-ups, it does nothing to make any list actively bad or broken, and that the WTC pairing format allows for shifts in specific pairings.
  We acknowledge the changes will affect game play though.  We recommend you use the coming days to work out how to optimise play of your lists.
  Please cascade this information to your players.  We will put up a public announcement tomorrow morning.  Thank you for consideration and support in this move forward.
–Norbert on behalf of the WTC Committee (Peter, Ciaran, Michal, and Michael)

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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