WTC announces its filming partners & recording policy.

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The WTC Committee is very pleased to welcome back its three recording partners from last year.  We will have Chain Attack streaming a WTC game live each round on their Twitch channel.  Trevor and Chad will be performing broadcasting duties from the booth with commentary, play-by-plays, and interviews.  During the same round, Muse on Minis will be recording the other 4 games for upload on their channel after the event.  Chain Attack has set up a Patreon page to help them defray the costs of their travel to Europe from the USA and improve their equipment.  If you’d like to donate, visit their page.

Meanwhile, the guys from will be continuing to fuel their expansion to becoming an English and German language hub for Warmachine/Hordes in Europe.  They will be filming 5 games each round of the WTC and uploading them after the event on their channel, as well as conducting interviews and keeping their Twitter feed live with updates.

hoby-geek-logo   The WTC Committee is also very pleased to welcome aboard Hobby Geek Gaming from the UK using their Twitch channel.  Owen will be coming along to film a game each round from the Solo Masters to ensure that quality event gets some of the attention it deserves.  He’s also hoping to do a few interviews with the players at the event.  With over 80 players from a diverse set of metas and countries, it is one of the toughest solo tournaments available in the world.  We look forward to seeing the gameplay from that event.  Hobby Geek Gaming is currently running a small fundraiser to help Owen get better equipment for the event.   Consider donating at his fundraising site.

The Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championship policy on recordings

One of the mandates of the Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championship (WTC) Committee is to promote the game globally. One of the most effective ways to help us achieve that goal is to record games played at the WTC for live streaming and posting onto public websites after the event. We have enlisted the help of a number of partner organisations to record those games and host their broadcasts on their websites or other publicly available sites. To ensure a fair handling of this footage by everyone involved, the Committee and its broadcasting partners have agreed on the following policy on the recording of games.

By attending the Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championship (WTC) or its associated Solo Masters, all players and attendees on site consent to being recorded, in any and all forms, via any form of media, while present at the event and further allow those recordings to be used in future advertising or exhibition without limitation. It should be understood that any game played at the WTC or Solo Masters may be recorded for public broadcast.

However, the WTC Committee also acknowledges that players have the right to be treated with dignity whilst playing the game. Hence we declare that all comments on posted games will be made in a respectful manner to the players.  Additionally media partners may reserve the right to post WTC videos with comments disabled from the outset.

If comments on the games recorded are deemed inappropriate, they will be removed. If commentary gets out of hand in an inappropriate manner (eg, outright bullying), the video may be pulled from the public domain at the discretion of the WTC Committee and its broadcasting partner without warning.  These comments do not necessarily have to appear on the website where the recording is posted.  We may take action if they appear elsewhere and pose a problem.

If any member of the public finds a fault with a recorded game (such as important mistakes or suspicions of cheating), the only appropriate response is to privately report the problem to the WTC Committee at We appreciate the community’s cooperation on this important matter.



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