WTC Player’s Pack

The WTC player pack is available as a PDF download which includes absolutely everything a potential player needs to know to compete in the tournament.
The 2019 files are in the process of being updated, watch this space.

WMH Rulespack 2018

GB Rulespack 1.1 2018




14 Responses to WTC Player’s Pack

  1. Hi Jaakko – sorry for the late reply (real life got hectic). Please consider ALL SR2013 scenarios in your planning.

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  3. Yes, no problem Polle.

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  5. SoloMasters lists are not due in advance. They will be checked on the day.

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  12. Martyn Furnival says:

    Not sure if this is the correct medium to respond my name is Martyn Furnival I am team captain of warlords of walsall team average dice. My email address is

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