Terrain Lexicon WTC 2017

Hey everyone,

We have amazing sets of 2D terrain freshly made for the event.  You’ll want to familiarise yourself with these as they are themed.  You’ll also get this information in a handout on site.  But you can download it now via this link.

Safe travels today everyone!

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How to follow the action at the WTC

The WTC is this weekend!  Get you and your friends ready to gather around the screen (perhaps playing some games too?) and watch all the action.  Here’s how:

For stats and immediate result updates, visit http://www.wmh-wtc.com

We will have 2 live streams this year.  The primary stream is twitch.tv/page5de
This stream will have multiple cameras on games within a team matchup with commentary from Page5de and the Muse on Mini’s team.

The secondary stream is on twitch.tv/warroompl
This stream will cover only 1 game (although all 5 will be recorded for posting later) and includes commentary from a crack French/English team of commentators (one of which is part of the Murder of Crows podcast).

Here’s the schedule (all times Central European Time).  Only undefeated teams will be streamed:

Friday 21:00:  Grudge matches (if equipment is setup and working properly).  Choices include USA v Canada, Sweden v Finland, England v Australia/New Zealand (the Ashes), France v Italy.

Saturday – 23.09.17
09:15 – Round 1 (featuring Far East/Australian matchups)
14:00 – Round 2 (featuring European matchups)
16:45 – Round 3 (featuring North American matchups)

Sunday – 24.09.17
9:00 – Round 4 (featuring Far East/Australian matchups, if undefeated)
13:45 – Round 5 (Semi Finals featuring European matchups, if undefeated)
16:30 – Round 6 (Finals)


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Some last minute notes regarding the venue

Hello peoples,

Here are some notes regarding the venue.

  1. Please bring a credit card. It will be needed by the venue to finalize your room booking. Normally, no money will be charged to it, but we’re told it’s a matter of deposit in case something should go wrong.
  2. The venue bars only accept cash payments, so please take that into account. There are ATMs in town, but they are all near the train station in the centre of town, so about a 15 min walk from the venue.
  3. A few exceptions (who clearly indicated they don’t mind sharing a bedroom with whomever) notwithstanding, everyone stays either with their team, or with their plus ones. So don’t worry, all is well.


-The WTC Committee

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How to get to the venue

Hello travelers,

On popular demand, here’s a travel guide from Brussels (BRU) airport to the venue.

The easiest and cheapest way in by train. Check the timetable on the website of the Belgian railways:


Your departure station is called Brussels Airport – Zaventem (it’s right below the airport, just follow signs that look like a train). Your arrival station is Blankenberge. There is only one train station in town (and conveniently, it’s the last stop on the line as well). You’ll have to change trains once, probably in Brussels Midi.

If you’re traveling with your whole team at once, you might consider getting a Rail Pass ticket, which holds 10 single trips, which you can divide any way you choose. More info here:


Be advised that when traveling from or to the airport, there is a special surcharge, called the diabolo fee. More info here:


Then, once you get to the train station in Blankenberge, the venue is just 14 minutes away on foot, according to Google Maps.

It’s quite an easy trip as well.

We’ll try to have people standing by to help lugging the luggage, but … we imagine you guys’ll be fine regardless 😉

See you guys in two weeks!

-The WTC Committee



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The WTC Plus One programme is here!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Behold, the plus one programme. If you’re not all that interested to spend your weekend in a noisy (and probably slightly smelly) gaming hall, this file will be of great value to you.


Apart from two day trips (Raversijde and Ostend on Saturday, Bruges on Sunday) and how to join them, this file contains many things to do and places to see.


-Virginia & Ellen from the Plus One Programme

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Final Guild Ball WTC roster changes & changelog

Hello peoples,

The final team rosters are here:

Guild Ball WTC 2017 Team Rosters

Here is the changelog:

  • Spain 2: Butchers, Harry out, Tenderiser in (2 union models in the team, error in teambuild)
  • Canada: WTC mistakenly added the reserve player for their main player. Butchers swapped for Engineers
  • Spain 1: mistakenly added Brisket instead of Vet. Brisket, Vet. Brisket is in
  • SFG Paint: Matt Hart is unfortunately unable to attend, reserve player Sam Page replacing him. Sam’s Union team added, Matt’s Fisherman out
  • SFG: Russ Charles, Rage out, Stave in, missed e-mail
  • USA 3: Brewer player, swapping Harry for Lucky, since lucky is tournament legal


-The WTC Committee

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WTC 2017 lists have been published

Thanks to the great tool, Conflict Chamber, the lists have been validated and are now ready for public consumption! The site has also calculated a host of different statistics for the community to review. Find them here:



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