WTC Guild Ball

Announcing the first Guild Ball World Team Championship, the Fisherman’s Edition!

The Guild Ball World Team Championship (WTC) is a team tournament, where nations meet to decide which team takes the crown of Guild Ball World Champion!

It will be held in Belgium on September 22nd to 24th, 2017, simultaneously with the Warmachine & Hordes WTC.

We’ll have room for 32 teams of 3 players each, and will play five rounds. Each nation can send up to three teams. We aim for diversity and are trying to accommodate as many different nations as we can.

No Captain may be repeated across a team, and all your models must be painted. We will have a pairing system, which is detailed in the rules pack.

The main goal of the tournament is to have fun and come together as a global community, all with a common passion: Guild Ball!

Looking forward to welcome you there!

-The Organizing Pundits


Rules pack:

Download it here!


Two steps:

  • send an email to, detailing your name, email address, and the nation you represent
  • Pay a (non-refundable) 90€ deposit. Payment info can be found here but is repeated below for convenience:

Bank Account (strongly preferred):

Account number/ Iban : BE 24 9730 8258 6238
Bic: ARSP BE 22
Bank Name: Argenta

PayPal Account (if chosen, you must elect to pay the PayPal fees):

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at