Advance Rulings

The Player’s Guide to Clean Play document can be found here.

Player’s Guide to Clean Play

Version 1.1 released 22.09.16

Advance rulings for 2016:

1) As the game currently sits a Houseguard unit that has a Soulless Escort attached to it cannot benefit from the effects of the Houseguard Thane. This is because a unit must have every member be the same “type” for a unit to overall qualify as that type. So a unit of Houseguard with a Soulless are not a Houseguard unit as the Soulless doesn’t have the Houseguard moniker anywhere in its name. And the Thane requires a Houseguard unit to target (which they aren’t)

RESPONSE:  This has been clarified to no longer be the case.  The addition of an attachment does not remove the unit type designation.

2) Skarlock commander doesn’t change his unit type an errata will be made in specific for him to this (similar to point #1 above but this has been ruled on in specific already while point #1 above is being checked).

RESPONSE:  This has been clarified to no longer be the case.  The addition of an attachment does not remove the unit type designation.

3) A model with Flak field does not hit itself, errata coming for this.

RESPONSE:  Correct. When using its own Flak Field or Rain of Death, the model is not affected by its own Flak Field or Rain of Death. All other instances of those abilities affect the model normally.

Can you rule on the above.

RESPONSE:  Anything that specifically mentions you cannot charge, means you cannot jump.  So if you cannot receive orders, you could still charge without receiving an order if some effect let you, and you could jump.

5) In regards to terrain, is any terrain used considered to be a wall template?


6) I’m curious about the interaction between Primal Shock and models with Spell Ward (or similar). During MK2 it was totally possible to target them with the magic attack (since it was your own beast being targeted by the spell) and while I see no change to the wording, I would like a clarification as to whether the case remains the same or not.

RESPONSE:  It works the same way as it did in Mark 2.


  • The situation is that a warbeast frenzies and is able to use a ranged attack despite taking its initial melee attacks (e.g. due to having Dual Attack). The frenzy rules state that it makes the attack with the highest POW weapon not the highest P+S As such it seems that, by RAW, it will typically attack with the ranged weapon even though this has lower actual damage output. Is this working as intended?RESPONSE: We will use RAW – the highest POW weapon should be used.


  • Wurmwood feat pulse or aura?




  • Model with berserk and cleave can he stop hit another model thanks to the “can” of cleave ?


RESPONSE:  No, because the “must” of berserk overrides the “can”.


  • Buy a mount attack with focus or fury allowed?


RESPONSE: Yes, because they are now melee weapons.


  • Destructive Power: … this model can suffer 1 damage point to boost an attack or damage roll. This damage is suffered immediately after the attack is resolved.
    Holy Reliquary: This model suffers d3 damage points each time it uses one of the following miracles. This damage is suffered before the miracle takes effect.
    Eruption of Faith: … enemy models …suffer a POW 12 fire damage roll…Can Eruption of Faith (which is not an attack) damage rolls be boosted, despite the wording about when the damage is suffered? If so, when is the damage suffered?


RESPONSE:  It can be boosted.  Damaged is suffered after effect is resolved.


  • The witch Coven and Corruptor’s Distillation Attack type which remove D3+3 damage on the warcaster.


Response:  Only 1 Coven model can be healed by it.  It can’t be spread around.


  • Suppose a Corrupter uses a Psycho Venom shot to take control of an enemy warrior model. The model heals one point and is no longer boxed. Can the model then activate that turn?




  • This question has come up in the past with both sides arguing and no real conclusive agreement, so I’m asking again fresh with hopefully an Infernal to confirm which it is. Zaal2 has both Direct Spirits and Soul Taker: Reclaim. The main question is this, does Direct Spirits bypass the eligibility requirements stated in various Soul Takers, such as Reclaim, Shepard, and Soul Cage on how they are supposed to gain soul tokens or not? The main reason why I’m asking is because of the wording in Direct Spirits stating that you choose which model with the Soul Taker ability gains the destroyed model’s soul, regardless of the proximity of other models. It just states that enemy models are not eligible, nothing on if you get to select an eligible friendly faction model.


RESPONSE:  Yes, Direct Spirits bypass all other eligibility requirements.


  • Alexia 1 give spell ward while in formation.
    With a UA like Valachev as an officer you can cast a spell on the unit while alexia herself is out of formation and upkeep afterwards.


RESPONSE:  This is OK.



  • “Friendly X models can ignore other Friendly X models when determining LOS” (Feel free to replace X with whatever tactician yours is).My question is: if a model chooses to NOT ignore a friendly model, must they choose to not ignore all other friendly models? Is it an all or nothing deal, or can they say “I will choose to ignore models A, B, and D for LOS, but not C”.

    RESPONSE: You don’t have to ignore all the models.  You can select which ones you wish to ignore.



17 Responses to Advance Rulings

  1. mcpolle says:

    This does not really cover an answer to the question, can we use the laser to check LOS to see if the model can charge past another model??
    As I see it and read it, this would allow for the use of a laser, to see if model A can see the edge of model B, so could actually check to see if you can charge past an intervening model, but again only to see if you can get to base to base, because again as far as I can see, you can only measure from base to base, not base to another point on the table.
    Is this understood correctly??


    • Hi Polle. Privateer Press’ current guidance is that you can check LOS for any reason at any time and since there is no way to police against this rule being used to check charge lanes, essentially it is allowed to check charge lanes. You can use a laser or unmarked string as often as you like to measure things out provided you are checking between two models. You can also check 3″ into woods for LOS purposes too.


  2. mcpolle says:

    Another question for you, how are we playing hills, might be a basic question, but could see a situation in the Mayhem cup videos, that models were “shoeing in” ( this means, model base just touching the hill) and then claiming that the model has elevation.
    Would be nice with a clarification, so we all know,

    Will all the hills, and every part of the hill be classed as 1″? Or we have the problem of playing the slopes on the hills.
    Also, if they are classified as 1″, then shoeing in, is that allowed? Or does the whole base need be placed on the hill.

    Sorry if this seems a basic question, but would like it clarified, as can see that us in Denmark, play it differently to the guys from USA



  3. mcpolle says:

    Thx Norbert

  4. mcpollePaul says:

    Did not know where else to post this, so thought I would ask here, this pertains to movement of models, how hard are we playing it at the WTC? My thoughts here, are again the videos we see on the net, from some of the biggest tournies there are, and players seem to move their models, then after moving them, shift them some,
    I am not pointing fingers, or complaining, I just would like to know how loose, or hard are we playing at the WTC?
    Is it considered ok, to move a unit, then shuffle some of the models, so long as they do not move any further forwrads of course, or is it moved. Stop thats it, when you have started moving the next model, then you cannot move the other models??
    I do not mind either way, so long as I know beforehand


    • Plainly, it’s against the rules, so players shouldn’t do it. There’s no reason to do it anyway, unless to correct sloppy movement in the first place. If a judge has to get involved in any issue involving such movement, of course it’ll be ruled against.

      That said, if two players both want to play that way, judges typically won’t be looking over their shoulder, just those players should know they’re taking a risk if an issue comes up. If your opponent does it and you’re not ok with it, you’re quite within your rights to ask them to stop.

      Mainly, I think this is something that’s not up to judges to prevent. People that want to play competitively at high level can only benefit from adopting the habit of moving their models accurately the first time.

  5. An important update to being “within” terrain has been made to point #2 based on latest Judges’ opinion. Also added in a new item regarding when boosts need to decided on during simultaneous attack types.

  6. Ciaran says:

    On the last point, just for clarity, for any simultaneous effect (thresher, aoe’s or sprays) all attacks rolls are done first (choose to boost on a roll by roll basis) then roll damage for all models hit (choose to boost on a roll by roll basis)

    Is this correct?

  7. That’s it exactly Ciaran.

  8. One small change was made to rule #4 above. Threshers do not fall into that category and so it was removed from the list of examples. Thresher tells you to make distinct attacks against a certain number of models. Each of those attacks would run through the attack sequence separately, but damage and effects would only trigger after all of them are complete (as they are simultaneous). An attack like a spray only traverses the sequence once. The understandable confusion arises from the fact that thresher is also a single special attack.

  9. Added in new Infernal clarification on what consititues “within”. Original post amended.

  10. Mcpolle says:

    Question about when its allowed to either stop the clock, or change it to your opponent, what if the time is running low, and you are damaging a beast or jack, and the opponent is having a hard time following the damage, and taking a littl too much time, do you pause the clock so damage can be recorded correctly, or swap it over??

  11. Indeed, you may at your option switch over the clock to your opponent for anything he is responsible for doing. For example, marking damage, making tough rolls, or finding you a card so that you can look something up on it.

  12. Christoffer says:

    How will you play with height of hills? In the rulebook a hill that is less that 1″ high doesn’t give elevation and a hill that is higher than 1″ give some funky rules (for example you have to measure melee range vertically as well which might mean you can’t attack the model with a non reach model).

    In Sweden we always say that hills are exactly 1″ high on tournaments for this reason.

    • Hi Christoffer,
      Yes, that’s exactly how we will play it as well. There are a few details in the current document if you want to read more.

      • Christoffer says:

        Found that in the Advance rulings document now, was a bit confused by the no falling dmg in the clean play document (if hiils are 1″ there will never be falling dmg anyway)..

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