Warmachine WTC Registered Teams & 3rd Teams

The following teams have submitted registrations and made correct deposit payment for the Warmachine & Hordes WTC 2019 in Belgium.  If your country/team is not on this list and you are interested in this event, please contact the WTC Committee ASAP.  Final registrations for first and second teams has been extended to April 1st.  If by April 1st you have not completed correct payment and communicated with us, you will not be playing at the WTC.

Third teams, please fill in this form to register.  We’ll be determining a list of priority and offering slots to third teams very soon, at which point we’ll be taking payment from those Captains.

Canada 1
Canada 2
Poland 1
Poland 2
Wales 1
Denmark 2
Wales 2
Norway 1
Norway 2
Russia 2
Netherlands 1
Finland 2
Finland 1
Ireland 1
Ireland 2
Italy 1
Portugal 1
Italy 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
France 1
France 2
Spain 1
Spain 2
Lithuania 1
Russia 1
China 2
Greece 1
Denmark 1
Sweden 1

If you need to follow up with the committee about your registration, please email COMMITTEE (at) WMH-WTC (dot) com

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes
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1 Response to Warmachine WTC Registered Teams & 3rd Teams

  1. João Isidro says:

    I sent a mail asking for confirmation on payment since we made payment but are not on the list. Plz reply.

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