Guildball Rulespack

Hey Guild Ball players,

Sorry for the delay publishing the Rulespack.  Here is is, live and available for your enjoyment.  Edit – an older version of the rulsepack draft was published by mistake.  The up-to-date and correct version is here: WTC_GB_Rulespack_2018

On a second note, it is time to start getting your player roster in. So either captains can get their team rosters filled in 3 times or ask their players to do this individually.

Please use the form below:

Team submission

Remember, no captain may be shared within a WTC-team.

In case of the sturdy Blacksmiths, you have to elect 3 possible captain-masters in your roster, please add Cpt. before the masters name. (e.g. Cpt. Ferrint, Cpt. Burnish and Cpt. Anvil)



About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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