Update & Plus Ones


Current subscriptions

For now, it looks like the event will be fully booked! With only 5 team slots remaining for each WTC.

WTC WMH > 59 out of 64 teams (295 out of 320 players)
WTC GB > 43 out of 48 teams (129 out of 144 players)
Solo WMH > 29 out of 48 players
Solo GB > 3 out of 16 players

Please keep in mind that for WMH the 3rd teams need to be confirmed by the WTC committee. So it’s best to wait for confirmation before any payment is done for those teams (13/04).

Also, feel free to poke some players in or outside your local community to form an extra team (if allowed) or compete in the solos.

Plus One + Prepayment

The “Plus One” option is for those who like to share their trip with their partner, Warsaw is a beautifull place to visit!! The price of a plus one is 210€.

The prepayment for a solo is 40€ and can be transferred along with the subscription (due 27/04).

Solo Prepayment

The price of a solo is 230€ (standard fee). The prepayment for a solo is 40€ and can be transferred along with the subscription (due 27/04).

Prepayment details

The non-refundable amount of:

  • 120€ for a GB team
  • 200€ for a WMH team
  • 40€ for a solo
  • 40€ for a plus one

should be transferred on the account of the host nation:

Name: Stowarzyszenie Silesian Gaming Association
IBAN: PL 73 1050 1298 1000 0024 3930 9234

Transfer comment:

  • SYSTEM = “WMH” or “GB”
  • TEAM = “Country + number” or “Player Name” in case of SOLO

Example: WTC GB Poland 1

Full adress
Street: Wolnosci 292
Town: Zabrze
Post code 41-800

Contact number: +48 692-828-937
Contact person: Szymon Ratka

Updated timeline (embedded solo/plus ones)

Subscription forms

1st and 2nd team WMH

1st and 2nd team GB

3rd team GB

3rd team WMH

Solos WMH

Solos GB

Plus One

Additional nights

Last but not least, the standard fee/subscription covers your stay from Friday evening until Sunday evening. In case you arrive early or want to stay an extra night or two, we do offer the possibility to book extra nights.

We will put up a form for this later on.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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