Prepayment & 3rd team/solo subscription!

The committee would like to apologize for the delay in communication about pricing/payments. It took some time to double check the costs and we had to wait for an EU bank account.

We know that some of you expected a lower cost compared to last year. The total cost is 230€ per person, so 690€ for a GB team and 1.150€ for a WMH team. As we want to be completely transparent on the costs we make, we’ve created the breakdown below and provide you with some additional information per cost element.

  • Overnight stay: The cost per night per person is pretty decent. Please keep in mind that we rent out the entire hotel which means that we had to calculate an average cost per night across all of the available room types.
  • Lunch/Dinner: 4 meals (buffet), all you can eat. Soft drinks included.
  • Gaming area: Some people believe that when you rent out an entire hotel you get the conference rooms for free.
    • This was not the case. It’s perfectly possible to rent out the entire hotel whilst another event party rents out the conference area in parallel.
  • Gaming equipment: We will drive most of the equipment from Belgium to Poland which already reduces the costs for this item drastically. However, some additional equipment needs to be purchased as well as new objectives, zones, etc… which are typically handed out at the end of the event.
  • Event agency: The Polish organization decided to use an event organizer called Relago to help them set-up the WTC. Please realize that they don’t have the seasoned crew we have in Belgium and therefor had to call in some extra help.

However, there is good news! We are negotiating with the hotel and can confirm that the price of a consumption and the cost of an extra overnight stay will be lower then last year, probably balancing out the extra 20€. On top, the Sangate hotel is located right next to the Warsaw airport, ruling out excessive transportation costs.

Prepayment details

The non-refundable amount of

  • 120 € for a GB team (Prepayment)
  • 200 € for a WMH (Prepayment)
  • 40 € for a Solo (Prepayment)

should be transferred on the account of the host nation:

Name: Stowarzyszenie Silesian Gaming Association
IBAN: PL 73 1050 1298 1000 0024 3930 9234
Transfer comment:

  • SYSTEM = “WMH” or “GB”
  • TEAM = “Country + number” or “Player Name” in case of SOLO

Bank Details:

  • ING Bank Slaski SA
  • UI Sokolska 34
  • Katowice
  • 40-086

Example: WTC GB Poland 1

Each Friday evening, the payments will be verified the 6th of April and the 13th of April.

Due dates for the prepayment are:
13/04 > WTC Teams 1 and 2
27/04 > WTC Teams 3 and Solo competitors

3rd team and solo subscriptions

To subscribe a 3rd team for WMH or GB, please fill in the following form.

To subscribe for the WMH (32 slots) or GB (16 slots) solos, please fill in the following form.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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