The new WTC committee members are …


Thank you all for voting. The newly elected members of the WTC Committee for the next two years are:

  1. Kim Pipers (Belgium) (22 votes)
  2. Steve Herck (Belgium) (21 votes)
  3. Tim Banky (Canada) (20 votes)
  4. Myk Myers (England) (17 votes)

As you can see, that is one more than previously advertised. Since two Belgians were elected, Christophe Dirckx decided to bow out, to bring balance to the Force Committee.

Together with resident strategic advisor Tim Grubbert (from German persuasion) and two more yet to be announced logistics members from the Polish organizers, we wish them all the best!

-Christophe, Klaas, Michael, Norbert, Teemu and Tomas


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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