Team payments update

Hello there,

Here is a short update regarding the team payments for the WTC.

Warmachine & Hordes

(Guild Ball – please see below)

As of today, we haven’t received the full amount for the following Warmachine&Hordes teams:

  • Australia 1
  • Australia 2
  • Austria 1
  • Austria 2
  • New Zealand 1
  • Poland 2
  • Estonia 1
  • Switzerland 1
  • Switzerland 2
  • England 3

If you’re part of these teams, please badger your mates and try to get the payment in as soon as you can – deadline was May 1st (yes, that’s over a month ago).

If you want to book extra nights, Sunday dinners and such, just wire us the extra money, and tell us what you’re paying for via, or via the questionnaire that every captain should have gotten via email.

If you have paid already, but you’re still on this list – get in touch with us asap. is where it’s at.

If you are a Warmachine&Hordes captain, but haven’t gotten the questionnaire, get in touch with us as well.

Guild Ball

Payment deadline for Guild Ball teams is July 1st. We expect the remaining sum of 540 euros (a total of 630 minus the 90 deposit). If you want extra nights, Sunday dinners and such, just wire us the money, and tell us what you paid for via

All payment details are here:

We expect to get a questionnaire out soonish, with all details regarding food preferences, extra nights, and so forth, to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Closing statements

If you have any questions regarding payments, accommodation, or possibilities to get tucked in at night and so forth, just email us as We don’t always answer immediately, but we do make sure everything gets sorted properly.

Looking forward to see you in Blankenberge!

-The WTC Committee


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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