Warmachine & Hordes WTC payment deadline coming up & Solo Masters overview

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

As mentioned in the Player Pack, the payment deadline for the WTC teams is coming up. We expect your dubloons to reach our coffers by May 1st. Since dubloons are not known for their fast travelling, please see this as a gentle prod to get things rolling.

All payment details can be found here.


Meanwhile, the registrations for the WTC Solo Masters are coming in. As of today, the following people have registered:

Philip Shaw
Hans-Leonard Kjenes
Marc Williams
Dave Wilson
Mark Whitenstall
Brett Pandolfi
Frederic Pera
Christina Faure
André Valentin
Javier Fernandez
David Lindegren
Jan Saladjczyk
Andreas Neugebaur
Lotte Lambrechts
Zi Baxter
Giovanni Arrigoni
Samuele Del Borrello
Peter Bom Jensen
Michael Kristiansen
Christopher Young

If you think your name should be on that list but isn’t, please get in touch with us asap via committee@wmh-wtc.com.

Also, please note that the registration for the Solo Masters closes on June 1st, so if you consider coming, just get your ticket sorted!

See you in Belgium!

-The WTC Committee



About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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