Registration deadline approaching!

Ladies and gentlemen,

As you might have read in the Player Pack, March 1st is the date when application for third teams opens!

So, what exactly happens on March 1st: we expect the representatives for countries who can muster a third team to contact us at, expressing their confirmation of a third team.

On April 1st, we will look at the then remaining spots, and assign them to the countries who applied for a third team, according to the ranking below.

Countries who still need to register their first and second teams – not looking at any Australians in particular – can still do so until March 31st, but once that deadline passes, we assume the tournament to be filled out with third teams.

Still, if you plan to register a first or second team for your country, please do so quickly – that way, people in third teams across the globe don’t need to get their hopes up for nothing.

The current ranking looks as follows:

  1. Belgium (host nation status)
  2. Australia 8
  3. Germany 8
  4. Canada 8
  5. USA 8
  6. England 7
  7. Poland 7
  8. Sweden 6
  9. Russia 6
  10. China 5
  11. Italy 4
  12. France 4
  13. Scotland 4
  14. Ireland 4
  15. Finland 3
  16. Netherlands 3
  17. Denmark 3


Looking forward to hearing from you!

-The WTC Committee


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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