WTC 2017: Venue info and 3rd teams

As announced during the 2016 award ceremony, the WTC Committee is pleased to reveal the details for the venue in 2017:

Floréal Club Blankenberge
Koning Albert I laan 59
8370 Blankenberge

22-24, September, 2017

We will have room for 64 teams AND 64 players in the Solo Masters.  This way all your reserve players and partners can participate on site as well.

The resort is located in the beautiful town of Blankenberge on the Belgian coast,with the touristic centre at walking distance. The beach is just a 5 minute stroll away. We can accommodate up to 600 people. The accommodation is quite diverse, ranging from hotel rooms to whole 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. All rooms are of hotel quality, some even have a sea view.


We know that more and more people see the WTC as a great opportunity to do some traveling. If you’re coming all the way to Belgium, why not take your wife/girlfriend/husband/ boyfriend/mistress/kids/… along?

Given that we are in such a nice location by the sea, we can offer a few daytrips to keep your non-gaming company happily entertained: there is a sea-life rescue centre right across the road, there is shopping nearby, and of course the beach is just a minute away. The ancient and beautiful city of Bruges is not far either… The weekend will be over before they know it!

Speak to your current team Captains if you’d like more details on the arrangements for 2017 as they received a brochure with the full offer.  In short – it will be another amazing WTC.

3rd Teams for 2017

The Committee has agreed that allowing 3rd teams to the WTC was a success and so will proceed to do the same for 2017.  The way 3rd teams are assigned are detailed in our original blog post.  Here is the ranking for 2017.

  1. Belgium (host nation status)
  2. Australia 8
  3. Germany 8
  4. Canada 8
  5. USA 8
  6. England 7
  7. Poland 7
  8. Sweden 6
  9. Russia 6
  10. Belgium 5 (superseded by being the host nation)
  11. China 5
  12. Italy 4
  13. France 4
  14. Scotland 4
  15. Ireland 4
  16. Finland 3
  17. Netherlands 3
  18. Denmark 3





About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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8 Responses to WTC 2017: Venue info and 3rd teams

  1. Left off China in the original list of countries – it’s not been added to the blog post’s list.

  2. Lionel Jassionnesse says:

    France shouldn’t have 4 points ?

  3. Andrei says:

    Russia. 1) 2 pts for 2 teams on prev WTC. 2) 1pts for multiply time sones 3) 2 pts for being among the 5 most populous countries 4) 1pts as our highest placing team went X-2.
    So Total is 6pts, not 5.

  4. Patrick long says:

    Ya I think u left out Ireland as well.

  5. Casper Jellema says:

    The Netherlands should have 3 points. Two for having two teams at the 2016 WTC and 1 for being host nation for the 2016 WTC.

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