WTC 2016 lists and datafile.

The WTC Committee is pleased to bring you all of the submitted and checked lists.  Our thanks to the great Referee team for working on this so quickly and for our partner, Discount Games Inc, for posting up the material.

Note that some lists have incorrect point values next to them.  Rest assured that we checked the lists with the proper values and found them legal; we just didn’t go back and update the raw data.

Quick versions of the lists can be found at the Discount Games Inc blog.

The raw data can be found in this spreadsheet.




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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3 Responses to WTC 2016 lists and datafile.

  1. We had one set of lists left off the Spain Rogue entry. It’s since been added to the spreadsheet and will be updated on the DGI blog shortly.

  2. Mike Malarowski says:

    Is the list browser making a return this year?

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