List submission deadline is 1 month away.

A quick reminder that lists are due a month from today, that is, Sunday the 4th of September.  As mentioned in the latest rules pack (available from our website):

List Submissions: Sunday 4th September, 2016

● Army lists for all players (including reserve players) in the team are due by this


● The entire team’s lists should be prepared in War Room and collated into one long

list either in the body of the email or in an attachment to committee@wmh­ .

Lists should not be submitted as separate files by players. Please note any and all

model relations must be listed as well (warbeasts/warjacks

controlled by journeymen warcasters, lesser warlocks or ‘jack marshals, clients, etc).

Also, all tier benefits should be listed. Mercenaries/Minions should clearly state

which contracts they are using.

● All lists will be checked for legality and then published to the WTC website at the

same time, usually within a week’s time.




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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2 Responses to List submission deadline is 1 month away.

  1. My emails to committee@wmh­ are bouncing.

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