Fines imminent for certain WTC teams.

We still have not received a filled out logistics form and acknowledgment of the rules of Centre Parcs from certain WTC teams (see list below).
  Because we are in a special (and quite nice!) location this year, we have to be a bit less flexible on making logistical arrangements.  Consequently, not having the information in the form will cause us hardships with the Centre Parcs administration.  We have asked Team Captains to have this information back to us by Sunday evening.  If we do not receive it, we will have to charge the team a fine of 50 Euros to manage the delay.
  Hopefully it won’t come to that; please let us know if you will have any difficulty meeting this deadline.  Please let your Captains know about this message and to check their email accounts.  Thank you.
  • England Roses
  • Latvia
  • Northern Ireland
  • Russia Desman
  • Swiss 1
  • Swiss 2
  • USA Red
  • Wales Dant

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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