Deadline for WTC non-players July 1; Still seeking Captain info

We have two announcements this evening:

All attendees who have requests pending for non-playing guests at the WTC should check their email boxes and reply to them as soon as possible.  We are going to set a deadline of July 1st to make any changes. After this date, all pending requests which have not been paid will be dropped.

Secondly, we are still need the name and contact information for 19 Captains in the WTC.  Please check the list below and get in touch with us within the next week if you aren’t on it.  Thank you.

Team Captain
Team Australia Echidna Colin Hill
Team Australia Koala
Team Australia Wallaby Harman Russell
Team Austria 1 Stefan Mader
Team Austria 2 Martin Florian
Team Belgium 1 Wout Maerschalk
Team Belgium 2 Laurens Tanguy
Team Canada Moose Jeff Everit
Team Canada 2
Team China Egg Roll Luke
Team China Baizhan Spike
Team Czech Republic 1 Vojtech Medonos
Team Czech Republic 2 Daniel Bogdanoski
Team Denmark Jotunheim Soren Kongsgaard
Team Denmark Asgaard Peter Bom Jensen
Team England 1
Team England Roses Jim Gradwell
Team England 3
Team Finland Väinämöinen Jaakko Uusitupa
Team Finland Ilmarinen Teemu Aro
Team Finland Joukahainen Jani Kautto
Team France 1
Team France 2
Team Germany Red (1) Hinnerk Fischer
Team Germany black Robin Maukisch
Team Germany gold Christopher Mueller
Team Greece Epic Panagiotis Ntemiris
Team Greece Prime
Team Hungary Sovenyhazi Lorand
Team Ireland Ceol Daniel Porter
Team Ireland Craic Pete Croft
Team Italy Michelangelo Emiliano Traversi
Team Italy Leonardo Diego Moruzzo
Team Latvia Eduard Bergdjugin
Team Middle East Joseph Hannah
Team Netherlands 1 Sietse Sommeling
Team Netherlands Rembrandt (2) Anjo Brand
Team Netherlands Vermeer (3) Marc de Ruiter
Team Northern Ireland Ian Alderdice
Team Norway Blue Squadron Endre Fodstad
Team Norway Red Gard Andresen
Team Poland 1
Team Poland 2
Team Poland 3
Team Portugal Kult
Team Portugal Primal João Isidro
Team Russia Desman Karmannyy Yaroslav
Team Russia Bears Novikov Bogdan
Team Scotland Bru
Team Scotland Irn
Team Slovenia Jan Kleva
Team Spain Red Enrique Lopez
Team Spain Rogue Adrian Ramos Perez
Team Sweden 2
Team Sweden Dynamite Christoffer Wedding
Team Sweden 3 Ola Segerberg
Team Switzerland Red
Team Switzerland White
Team UAE John Helzer
Team USA Blue Jay Larsen
Team USA 2
Team USA 3
Team Wales Crafanc Rhys Phillips
Team Wales Dant Terry Sladed

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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