43 WTC teams signed up so far; deadline Feb 29.

Signups for the 2016 edition of the Warmachine/Hordes World Team Championship (WTC) are going well with 43 teams signed up so far.  Please find the current roster here and confirm that you are on it, if you expect to be.

If not, it is important that you send in your deposit and email the Committee at committee@wmh-wtc.com to reserve your country’s first or second team.  The deadline is February 29th.

Starting on March 1st, countries which wish to register a 3rd team should email the Committee (committee@wmh-wtc.com) with their intentions.  We will prioritise all the entries by our published system and then at the end of the month, countries should lock in their registration by sending in their deposit.

Team Australia Echidna
Team Australia Koala
Team Austria 1
Team Austria 2
Team Belgium 1
Team Belgium 2
Team China 1
Team China 2
Team Czech Republic 1
Team Czech Republic 2
Team Denmark 1
Team Denmark 2
Team Finland 1
Team France 1
Team Germany 1
Team Germany 2
Team Greece Epic
Team Greece Prime
Team Ireland Ceol
Team Ireland Craic
Team Italy 1
Team Italy 2
Team Netherlands 1
Team Netherlands 2
Team Northern Ireland
Team Poland 1
Team Poland 2
Team Portugal Kult
Team Portugal Prime
Team Russia Bears
Team Russia Wolves
Team Scotland
Team Slovenia
Team Spain Red
Team Spain Rogue
Team Sweden 2
Team Sweden Dynamite
Team Switzerland 1
Team Switzerland 2
Team USA 1
Team USA 1
Team Wales 1
Team Wales 2




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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