2016 WTC Committee election results.

We are pleased to communicate the results of the recent election:

  • Teemu Aro (Finland) 15
  • Ciaran Bolger (Ireland) – INCUMBENT 16
  • Ryan Chiriboga (USA) 10
  • Harald Henning (Germany) 4
  • Steve Herck (Belgium) 4
  • Jamie Johnson (France/UK) 7
  • Jaden Liu (UK/China) 10
  • Josselin Moreau (France) 2
  • Michael “Chilly” Winters (USA) – INCUMBENT 13

This means that Teemu Aro, Ciaran Bolger, and Chilly Winters will be part of the Committee starting now alongside Norbert Brunhuber and Peter Gaublomme.

Thank you to the candidates for participating and the WTC Committee looks forward to serving the global Warmachine/Hordes community in the preparation of the next WTC!


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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