WTC 2015 wrap-up podcasts and videos.

There’s been a few wrap-up episodes of the amazing 2015 edition of the WTC.  Here are a few of them to consider listening to or watching.  Have one of your own?  Or a blog post?  Send them to committee AT wmh-wtc DOT com and we may assemble a group of links.

The Muse On Mini’s crew discuss their experiences on-site as the commentators of the live stream, as well as vending at the Muse on Store.

The Enter the Crucible crew give you a peek behind the curtain as they discuss the technical side of the live stream, along with the game lessons they learned from watching the stream, in particular how fascinating the pairing process is.

The OzMachine crew discuss one of the most amazing Warmachine journies that players have ever been on.  Listen to the emotional highs and lows as they battle their way across Asia into Europe with travel trouble and sicknesses.  Listen as they dominate some games and squeek through others.  And then hear the utter devastation that is their very last game at the top table.  An episode not to be missed, including excellent concise battle reports.

To watch a rebroadcast of the Enter the Crucible live stream, visit their YouTube channel:

On their channel they are also releasing full length versions of every game they recorded.  All games will be uploaded eventually but that task is currently ongoing.




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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