WTC Committee elections called for 3 slots.

According to the WTC Charter, Committee members must step down after serving for 2 years, but can be re-elected.  At this time, Michael Winters, Ciaran Bolger, and Michal Konieczny’s terms have expired.

Therefore 3 spots are open for election to the Committee by the current team Captains.  This is a call for players interested in being considered for the spots to submit their names to the Committee via the email address:  The deadline for the nomination process is the 25-Oct, whereupon the Captains will have 2 weeks to vote on the nominees (deadline 8-Nov).

Candidates should submit any information that they feel would be relevant for the Captains to hear to help inform their vote.  It is recommended to include your name, city/state/country, Warmachine/Hordes qualifications, and why you would like to be considered for one of the Committee’s positions.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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