Team Ukraine drops; Team Reserves forms

Due to some very unfortunate real world circumstances, Team Ukraine has had to drop from the competition.  The WTC Committee did not want to have a bye situation and did not want to drop Team UN at this very late stage in deference to the commitment they have made thus far.

After consultation with the team Captains, the Committee has decided to form a balanced group of players pulled from the reserve lists that some teams submitted.  These players will be required to play the lists they submitted at the deadline.  And so, please welcome Team Reserve to the 2015 competition!

  • Andrew Kenny (Cryx) – Formerly of Team Ukraine, a merc from England
  • Alan Buckley (Skorne) – Ireland Ceol
  • Hermanni Raatevaara (Khador) – Finland Blue/White
  • Peter Bates (Menoth) – Australia Platypus/Wombat
  • Marc Simoni (Legion) – France Obelix/Asterix

We thank these players for stepping in at the last moment and wish them the best of luck as they compete with players from all around the globe.



About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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