View the WTC streaming test performed by Enter the Crucible.


An update from our partners, Enter the Crucible, who will be live streaming games from the WTC, alongside  From their Muse on Minis article:

Clint and Mahu converged on Miniduels in Orlando FL, and set up the equipment, we had Carter and Pirate Captain on Commentary, and two teams of 5 playing a game with the same format as the WTC.

[So we did our WTC stream test today and it was a success in 2 ways. First, barring a few mispressed buttons, some missed cues and me leaving my mic feeding the stream (which is just dumb), it was a pretty successful test. We fake-streamed a whole round without show-stopping hiccups. Second, we figured the entire set up out and now have ideas on how to make this thing even more legit like a few more pieces of gear that will save us time and from possible issues. This also allowed us to game plan more about how we as a crew can work together to bring you all the important action as 5 games are happening at once.]

Special thanks to all that supported this set up: ETC members Troy Tran, Mike Ortlieb, and Ian Andrews

Players who drove close to 2 hours from St. Pete to help us out. Brandon Andrews, Ryan McDermott, Nick Herting, Daniel Shotland, Jeffy Mike Feulner, Greg Salapack, and Travis Armstrong, who without their help this would not have happened.

Our music director Rob Harvey, our graphics director Keith Alexander, the WTC, the support we received from Muse on Minis and Chain Attack.

And a special thank you to everyone who donated to the fundraiser to make this a reality.

We will be releasing a podcast or two before the WTC, but next stop Ireland.

The recorded video can be found here:

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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