WTC team army lists due today – majority received!

Here are the lists we have received so far in advance of today’s deadline.  Most confident teams perhaps?

Name Received?
Team Australia Platypus Y
Team Australia Wombat Y
Team Belgium Blonde
Team Belgium Brown
Team Canada Goose
Team Canada Moose Y
Team China Expat Y
Team Czech Republic
Team Denmark Red
Team Denmark White
Team England Lions
Team England Roses Y
Team Finland Blue
Team Finland White Y
Team France Asterix Y
Team France Obelix Y
Team Germany Bier & Brezel
Team Germany Dichter & Denker Y
Team Greece Epic Y
Team Greece Prime Y
Team Ireland Ceol Y
Team Ireland Craic Y
Team Italy Leonardo
Team Italy Michelangelo Y
Team Middle East Y
Team Netherlands Hero Y
Team Netherlands Lions
Team Northern Ireland
Team Northern Ireland 2
Team Norway Blue
Team Norway Red
Team Poland Grunts Y
Team Poland Leaders Y
Team Portugal Kult Y
Team Portugal Prime Y
Team Russia Bears Y
Team Russia Wolves Y
Team Scotland Bru
Team Scotland Irn Y
Team Spain North Y
Team Spain South
Team Sweden Dynamite
Team Sweden Nobel Y
Team Sweden Reserves Y
Team Switzerland Red
Team Ukraine
Team United Nations Y
Team USA Stars Y
Team USA Stripes Y
Team Wales Fire Y
Team Wales Storm Y

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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