WTC streaming to commence Friday: Finland v Sweden

Flag_of_Finland.svg sweden

The Finns and Swedes have a “special” relationship that spans back before Mark I.  Actually perhaps back a few centuries.  Right now, we are not sure who said what, or who took this, or did that.  All we do know is there will be a Finland v. Sweden grudge tournament happening after dinner on Friday night of the WTC weekend.

Seeing an opportunity to shake down their kit, the Enter the Crucible guys have agreed to stream these games as a means to help prepare themselves for the big show and also give the donators some more content for their money.

As noted yesterday, the fundraiser to improve the quality of streaming from the WTC is going very well, but we need a bit more to fully realise everything we can bring to the Warmachine/Hordes community.  Can you help a bit?  You can donate funds via PayPal using the address:  enterthecrucible AT gmail DOT com, or you may like to purchase a podcast interview series that they created especially for this fundraiser.  They’ve interviewed the top faction players from around the globe to provide you with insights on where the game is today and where it is going.  This series can be purchased via the Muse on Mini’s store for just $20.

Thank you and may the best team win!

PS:  Ancestral rivalries alluded to herein may be exaggerated.  Don’t expect any table flipping to happen.  Although that would be pretty epic if it did.

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The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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3 Responses to WTC streaming to commence Friday: Finland v Sweden

  1. Nighty says:

    WTF? Sweden and Finnland will not be part of BEERMACHINE?!

  2. shoddie says:

    No beermachine this year :/ We will play Finland vs Sweden grudge match. Every Finnish and Swedish player on the site are welcomed. Pairing will be randomized. Player can only play against a player from different nation. 1 round, 50pts steamroller and 2 lists. At the end we will count the results and count which nation won more games.

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