Live streaming at the WTC – prepare to be blown away

The WTC Committee has some exciting new to share with the global Warmachine/Hordes community about our plans for live streaming at the 2015 event in Ireland.

We are pleased to announce a new 3-way partnership between Chain Attack, Muse on Minis, and Enter the Crucible to live stream games from the WTC like never before.  Last year, we were able to stream one game with a nice information overlay on the screen and commentary from Chain Attack and MoM hosts.

This year, the guys from the Enter the Crucible podcast are stepping up the game by bringing the commentary hosts the capability to switch between any of the games being played within one team match up.  Just like in professional sports, the commentators will be able to see all 5 games happening at once and then switch the feed to focus on whichever game is the most crucial at the moment.  They will be able to update viewers on other games that aren’t being shown via social media updates and the Twitch feed.

This is possible because one of the Enter the Crucible hosts works at an audio/visual company and they are allowing him to bring the bulk of the needed equipment to Ireland to make this possible.  Literally thousands of dollars of gear will be coming to Ireland free of charge and Clint from the podcast will be coming with the professional know-how to make sure it all runs smoothly.  Muse on Minis hosts will be provided the commentary and Chain Attack will be donating their Twitch feed to stream the games.

All that stands in the way of making this happen is the cost of one plane ticket from Florida to Ireland.  That’s what the Enter the Crucible guys are asking from the community to provide so the rest of it all can happen.  If you have ever enjoyed a streamed game or really wish to see this year’s WTC games live, please consider donating to their fundraiser and helping them make it happen.

Here is a video explaining their plans and what they will do with the funds (or you can view it below). You can donate funds via PayPal using the address:  enterthecrucible AT gmail DOT com, or you may like to purchase a podcast interview series that they created especially for this fundraiser.  They’ve interviewed the top faction players from around the globe to provide you with insights on where the game is today and where it is going.  This series can be purchased via the Muse on Mini’s store for just $20.

Thank you for your generous support.  We really hope that together, the global Warmachine/Hordes community can make this happen.

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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