Team Canada 2015 WTC Fundraiser with some great swag


Hi WTC Fans!

Gerry Hodgson – Team Canada’s Chief of fundraising here. Facebook friends may have seen my posts about Team Canada’s Indiegogo Fundraiser.

The campaign has been running for 6 days now and we reached our initial Indiegogo fundraising target on day 4! I want to give a huge thank you to all our supporters who helped us reach our first milestone.


Reaching the initial $5k target means Team Canada won’t pay extra fees to Indiegogo and ensures that Team Canada members will get as much of the proceeds from the fundraiser as possible, however our true goal is $10k and we are still a ways off!

Specifically we need our pre-purchased Custom Dice and Scenario Zones to go to some good homes! Beyond that the fundraiser still has a lot of other great items: custom Team Canada themed objective sets, artist signed numbered prints, team supporter jerseys and there’s still four of Superpack 2 available if you’d like a number of our items at a discount.


I’m told that the Indiegogo pictures don’t show up on mobile devices so you may need to check them out on a PC or tablet.

Please check out our Indiegogo here:

Thanks for your support! See you in Ireland this September!



About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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2 Responses to Team Canada 2015 WTC Fundraiser with some great swag

  1. João Isidro says:

    Is it possible to get the Perk at the WTC? It would be a great way to get the perk from the team.

  2. I’ve confirmed with the Canadian team that they will be able to transport at least some of the orders to the WTC, so go ahead and order!

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