Infernal Forge from Spain joins as a WTC sponsor.

infernallogoweb The WTC Committee is pleased to announce the influential Spanish retailer Infernal Forge as an official sponsor for the 2015 event. Infernal Forge have their home in Barcelona where their efforts are completely focused on Warmachine and Hordes. Their retail store stretches across 2 floors, and their commitment to the game has rewarded them with the biggest community of Warmachine and Hordes players in Spain.

Always having a good supply of stock on the premises has also helped them to become the most important online store in Spain, and this year they are sponsoring the 2 Spanish teams entered into the WTC. They will also be the hosts of the country´s first ever Iron Gauntlet Qualifier event in October.

For this year’s WTC, they will be providing a large amount of product to be given out randomly to players during the event.

As part of their sponsorship, Infernal Forge are offering a special promotional code for orders made by players and officials in the WTC. Simply go to their website and enter the code IFORGEWTC . This will apply an additional discount to your order reaching a 27% of total Discount from the MSRP, which can either be sent to you, or collected at the WTC itself.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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