Mousepad-material playing mats available for sale at the WTC

The Irish logistics team will be ordering playing mats for the WTC and wanted to let people know that these mats will be available to buy after the event. So if you have ever wanted to get yourself a nice gaming mat made out of mousepad-like foam material, this is your chance. These mats are 4×4 feet.

For anyone who wishes to preorder a mat the cost will be €30 each which is less then you will find else where.  If there are still mats left over after preorders then they will be sold at the event for a slightly higher price.

There are 5 designs: grassland, crossroads, grasslands snow, dessert and deadlands.  See the pictures below.  Note: the first image of the grasslands with snow is a 4×6 mat just to show how it might look. All wtc mats will be 4×4 feet.  Sample mats have been received and have been confirmed to be exactly 4×4 feet.

If you are interested in preordering a mat(s) please email cdhealy AT gmail DOT com.  He will then email you a confirmation of your order and details for making payment.  They fold down quite small and can fit in a suitcase easily but are thick enough that they do not crease.

Payments must be received no later than July 31st.

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3 Responses to Mousepad-material playing mats available for sale at the WTC

  1. Paul letherby says:

    Hi i would like to buy four table mats, i be playing in wales team van you let me know how to do it cheers

  2. Hi Paul. Please see the last paragraph of the article on how to order. You need to send an email to the logistics team directly.

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