Preview of new playing mats at the 2015 WTC.

The Irish logistics team is investing in new playing mats for use by all players at the WTC and the Solo Masters.  These mats have good looking backdrop imagery and are made of the same spongy material as mousepads.  If you were at SmogCon, you will recognise the material because it the same.  The team has been very careful to work with a manufacturer direct in China to ensure that the mats are perfectly 48″ x 48″.  Having played on these mats before,  the WTC Committee can attest to how perfect a surface they are for playing on.

Here is a short video showing you what the mats looks like.  The team got some samples made and sent over so they could test the quality and playability of the mats. Incidentally, the team will be selling these mats at the event after it is over.  They won’t be new mats, rather, they will be selling off as many of the ones used at the event as possible.  Details on their costs and how to order them will be forthcoming.  Meanwhile enjoy and share the video!

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2 Responses to Preview of new playing mats at the 2015 WTC.

  1. You might want to get preorders from potential buyers before you make the final order, as there might be more interest than you have play mats, in which case the problem of who gets them becomes relevant.

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