The referee team for the 2015 WTC and Solo Masters announced.

As the Warmachine and Hordes World Team Championship has become recognised as the pinnacle of play globally, it seeks to adhere to the highest standards of gaming.  One of the means needed to achieve this goal is to have an impeccable team of referees that will be able to match the level of player talent participating in the event.

The WTC Committee is pleased to announce the 2015 team of referees.  These team members were chosen based on their depth of experience and ability to evenhandedly resolve situations that arise during play.  Many of them are also veterans of past WTC events and so bring even more focused experience to the event.  We encourage all the players to lean on them to help them through tricky instances during their games.

Another goal for the Committee was to ensure we have a broad national representation on the team, which was achieved again this year.  Special thanks go out to referees traveling to the event from overseas (USA, Canada, and Australia), and we welcome our very first attendee coming from Mexico.

The roster of referees can be found below and linked off of the WTC homepage.

1. Judge Norbert Brunhuber (USA/England) [Head Judge]
2. Judge Jason Enos (England)
3. Juan Alvarado (Mexico)
4. Judge Sheldon Pace (Australia)
5. Par Nordlund (Sweden)
6. Michal Konieczny (Poland)
7. Judge Matt Clark (Canada)
8. Judge Tim Banky (Canada)
9. Judge Harry Henning (Germany)
10. Nighty_s (Germany)
11. Stephen Williams (USA)
12. Stu Gorman (Ireland)

Head of Data
Richard Would (England)

Solo Masters
1. Adam Szugajew (Poland) (Head Referee)
2. Adam Szymanski (Poland)
3. Alex Smith (England)


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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