Date change, and roadmap to the 2015 World Team Championship

Due to the final availability of the venue, the timing for the event had to be moved up by one week. We realize this moves it closer to some other major European events, and while we tried to avoid this it was unfortunately out of our hands.

The confirmed dates for the event will be September 18-20, 2015 and the location is the Killarney Convention Centre in fabulous Ireland.

As always it is a priority to keep the price as low as possible, though in this case there is a small increase compared to the previous years due to the location. Tickets will be 800€ or 875€ based on the choice of accomodation for a 5 person team (so 160€ or 175€ per person). This covers the event ticket, 2 nights accomodation in on-site hotels, and all meals from Friday night supper to Sunday lunch.

Up to 64 teams will be able to attend the 2015 World Team Championship. Each country is allowed to send up to 2 teams.

Important milestones leading up to the event:

Thursday Jan 1st: Pre-registration for existing teams.

Invitations will be sent to WTC 2014 Captains (or national committees), so they can lock in their registration. There is a 100€ registration deposit that counts toward the team ticket at this point.

Sunday Feb 1st: Open registration.

Teams from any country that still has fewer than 2 teams can now register their team. Tickets will be awarded on a first come, first serve basis. Countries registering their first team will receive priority over countries registering their second team if the 64 team limit is exceeded. There is a 100€ registration deposit that counts toward the team ticket at this point.

Thursday April 30th: Team confirmation and final payment.

The full ticket price should be paid on or before this date, confirming your team’s registration. Failure to do so will make your ticket available to the next team wanting to attend. No player roster is required yet.

Monday August 17th: Team line-up and list submission

Player rosters and lists should be submitted by this date, onr month before the event. The lists will be validated and published as soon as possible.

Friday September 4th: Scenarios made public (in random order).

These will be drawn from all scenarios available in the 2015 Steamroller package.

Friday September 18th – Sunday 20th: 2015 World Team Championship!

See you there!


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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  1. hi, any info regarding the solo masters you can share?

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