The WTC Committee responds to cheating accusation

Recently, a recording of a game at the 2014 World Team Championship (WTC) was posted featuring [name redacted] (Team USA Stars) and William Cruickshanks (Team Scotland). This video was brought to the attention of the WTC Committee because it showed multiple instances of [name redacted] demonstrating sloppy play egregious enough to entertain the notion that he was deliberately cheating.

The Committee takes the issue of cheating very seriously and began an investigation into the allegations by reviewing the video evidence, weighing [name redacted]’s public statement, and discussing the game with [name redacted]’s opponent, his team captain, and the USA WTC selection committee. The Committee then took time to deliberate on the situation and decide on our response.

The WTC is the pinnacle of the Warmachine game. Part of the organisation’s charter is to maintain the highest levels of play possible in the game. Consequently, we demand that players do not cheat, play the cleanest game possible, and behave as consummate sportsmen. That said, it is very difficult to prove a player is cheating because cheating requires the intent to deceive, which is clouded by the inherent inaccuracies involved when playing a tabletop miniatures game.

Upon reviewing the evidence, the Committee feels reasonably sure that [name redacted] was cheating in this particular game and that his game play was very sloppy and completely unacceptable. The Committee has already ruled that another of [name redacted]’s games was considered forfeit due to use of an illegal list. Taken together, these incidents suggest that [name redacted]’s game play is inconsistent with the standards we expect from WTC participants.

As a consequence, we rule that [name redacted] is disqualified from the 2014 WTC, and that he is ineligible to compete at the 2015 WTC. This means all his games are marked as losses and he forfeits any right to the Championship title.

A statement on filming games

The WTC Committee also wishes to make a statement about filming games at this time. Filming in and of itself is not a bad thing for the game. It improves the accessibility of the game enormously and brings much joy to many gamers who can appreciate the games, learn from them, and discuss them with their friends. Therefore, we stand by filming as an important development in the game.

That said, no player should be afraid of his or her games being filmed. The WTC demands the highest level of sportsmanship in the game and wishes to foster a sense of international community through transparency. A player being filmed should understand this reality and should make every effort to play the cleanest game possible. Our response in this matter would have been the same whether we saw [name redacted]’s behaviour live or on a recording.

Similarly and equally, viewers of filmed games have the responsibility of being good sportsmen about the game being viewed and respond with their comments in kind. The WTC does not advocate or tolerate internet bullying and condemns the treatment of any player in this manner.

Instead, appropriate responses to suspected cheating should be handled by the referees on site at the event. It is each player’s and bystander’s responsibility to inform a referee of any suspected problems so that it may be handled in an official and fair way. The same goes for suspected problems seen online. The only appropriate response is to notify the governing parties and let them handle the issue. Public condemnation and ridicule of players is unproductive and is as bad as cheating.

Our sincerest hope is that the Warmachine community has learned something from this unfortunate episode and thereby has become stronger from it.

The WTC Committee

Ciaran Bolger, Ireland
Norbert Brunhuber, USA/UK
Peter Gaublomme, Belgium
Michal Konieczny, Poland
Michael Winters, USA

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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6 Responses to The WTC Committee responds to cheating accusation

  1. David Young says:

    Will this affect the overall finishing places, what will the correct standing now be?

  2. Good call, folks. I don’t think that Anthony was blameless in this case, but the community grossly overreacted to it.

  3. john epstein says:

    Let me start of saying that this respons has absolutly no bases in fact at all. You cannot determine intent by watching a video. And I have it on good athority that you never in fact spoke to Anthony nor Mr . Cruickshanks. With this evidence it seems like this is a railroading of the USA player and that the whole wtc committee process is suspect. As such I will not support the WTC team usa or any of the teams involved until this process is more transparent and honest. As a USA veteran it pains me to say that but I will not support a team that throws its teammate under the proverbial bus.. In my opinon the WTC committee has done a disservice to the whole Warmachine/Hordes community a disseevice.

    Regards John Epstein

    • Hi John,

      I’m sorry you feel that way. The factfinding steps outlines in the post are however 100% accurate.

    • Garnett says:

      True character is what you do when you think no one is watching.

      The guy was clearly cheating. At the highest level of play. The reaction by a lot of the community is fostering a complete lack of accountability in supporting this guy, and he has the audacity to try and marginalize people’s reactions to it with his statement.. Sure you can say it’s just toy soldiers, but when you spend the money to fly to Poland to play the game and spend months preparing to represent your country with pride among your peers, it should be more than just that.

      I applaud the WTC committee for setting the precedent and making a bold judgement here when the evidence is clear. In terms of “determining intent”, I refer you to exhibit A:

      This is a clear, conscious decision to move that model. The intent there is to gain an advantage while seeing what your opponent is doing on HIS turn. Defending this guy is a true disservice to his opponent who played the game fairly and with integrity.

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