Ravage Magazine partners with the WTC to provide more coverage

Ravage Magazine logoThe WTC Committee is pleased to announce a new partnership with a media outlet to provide wider coverage of the 2014 event.  Ravage Magazine will be onsite and following the French speaking teams for articles in their magazine and taking audio/video footage for later broadcast.  Their coverage supplements the media partners we already have in Page5.de for German language teams, and our main partners Chain Attack and Muse on Minis.  There is also a potential for the stories to be picked up by the other language editions (English, German, Spanish) that exist for Ravage magazine.

Leonidas Vesperini, Editor in Chief of Ravage Magazine tells us a bit about the publication and their plans for the 2014 WTC:

For the past 14 years Ravage has been France’s premier Wargaming magazine. For over
a decade we have strived to bring the best in gaming to its pages, giving a voice to all
those in the industry. Packed with in-depth reports, reviews, interviews, guides and more,
Ravage is no mere catalogue but a medley of the most profound gaming news, knowledge
and opinions penned by the most proficient experts in the gaming world: the players

This year, with the support of its new editor, Ravage revolutionized itself. We went bigger
and better, nearly doubling in size in order to bring even more of the best and most
exciting news to our readers. At the same time, the popularity of Warmachine & Hordes
skyrocketed in France thanks to the hard work of a new national distributor and the
existing gaming community.

We at Ravage are both fervent supporters and players of WM/H. Due to its international
lionization and the fact that it is now considered by many to be the pinnacle of competitive
Wargaming, combined with our incessant commitment to bringing the finest in gaming
news to our pages, Ravage is pleased to announce our partnership with the WM/H WTC
committee. We will be covering the event in person in order to bring a full, in-depth report
to our readers not only in France but through our partners in Germany, Spain and the USA
as well!

Good luck to all of the teams in your preparations and we look forward to seeing you all soon!




About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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