Roster change to solo Masters referee team.

Unfortunately Ryan Evans has had to drop from the team.  However we have found a great replacement in Verlin Finster who comes to us from Washington state in the USA.  Here now is the latest full roster of referees:

WTC Judging Team
1. Judge Norbert Brunhuber (UK) – Head Judge
2. Judge Chris Cawthorne (UK)
3. Judge Jason Enos (UK)
4. Judge Harald Henning (Germany)
5. Judge Magnus Matz (Germany)
6. Judge Ayden “Boots” Boutilier (Canada)
7. Judge Tim Banky (Canada)
8. Jeremy Miller (USA)
9. Judge Michael Winters (USA)
10. Tom Hoffmann (USA)
11. Przemyslaw Tworkowski (Poland)
12. Wojtek Drzazdzewski (Poland)
13. Par Nordlund (Sweden)
14. Joakim Bjelkås (Sweden)
15. Owen Conlan (Ireland)

Richard Would (UK) – Data entry head

SoloMasters Judging Team
1. Matt Clark (Canada) and head judge
2. Adam Szugajew (Poland)
3. Adam Szymanski (Poland)
4. Verlin Finster (USA)
5. Nighty_s (Germany)


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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