The WTC teams up with Discount Games Inc to publish the 2014 team lists, due on August 31st.

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The Warmachine / Hordes World Team Championship (WTC) Committee is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with Discount Games Inc.  Discount Games Inc’s new website service dedicated to showcasing tournament lists will host the lists for the WTC players in addition to being available on the WTC’s live results website. The lists will be shown by country and team and they will also be searchable by caster and faction. For similar data from the 2013 WTC, players may visit the WTC 2013 archive site.

WTC team lists are due by August 31st. They will be checked by the referee team and then published as soon as possible thereafter. This is a reminder to all teams that the team’s lists must be submitted as one email to the Committee using Forward Kommander (or similar) output.

Discount Games Inc is an internet retailer that focuses on Warmachine and Hordes tabletop miniature games.  Their goal is to provide affordable prices with fast shipping and a high level of customer service.  In addition, Discount Games Inc sponsors multiple podcasts, including Chain Attack who will be attending the 2014 WTC to livestream a game each round.  Discount Games Inc. recently started providing tournament list bundles with commentary on the lists by the authors, as another way to give back to the Warmachine community. The company’s latest service is to provide tournament lists from major conventions/events from around the world and have and have an easy way to purchase the models from those lists.  Discount Games Inc. is owned and operated by Jay Larsen.



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The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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