teams up with Muse on Minis to provide more WTC video footage

The WTC Committee is pleased to announce a new partnership between two major Warmachine social media groups to provide even more benefit to the Privateer Press community.

As was alrMuse on Minis logo PNGeady announced (link), Muse on Minis will be attending the 2014 WTC and filming 4 games by one team each round. (These 4 games will complement the 5th game played by the same team and live-streamed by the Chain Attack podcast team.)logo_page5

The Committee is now also working with to film 2 more games each round at the WTC. Their footage will preferentially cover the two German teams in attendance, unless Muse on Minis is already scheduled to record those games, whereupon will record other German-speaking team’s games. All the footage that records will be available on their website,

However, in a recent agreement, Muse on Minis will be hosting the footage on their own website, to complement their own recordings. This will provide an unprecedented central video library of games for the Warmachine/Hordes community to enjoy. is the premier social media center for the German Privateer Press community. They host forums for German-speaking players to communicate as well as produce the Tabletop Hooligans podcast.  Their offerings provide complete German-language coverage of all things Privateer Press, including strategy articles, faction guides, painting tutorials and much more.

About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmachine & Hordes.
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