Florian Stitz, artist/illustrator to attend the 2014 WTC


The WTC Committee is pleased to announce that Florian Stitz, Privateer Press contributing artist, will be attending the 2014 WTC to meet with the players, have artwork for sale, and to create unique art pieces for the players while on-site. The Committee hopes that this enhances the weekend offering for all the players in attendance.

Florian has contributed to Privateer Press rule books and No Quarter magazine. Florian is also a prolific artist contributing to many different gaming companies across the spectrum, including Infinity (via Tabletop Insider magazine), Warhammer 40,000, Legends of the 5 Rings, Die Schwarze Auge, and Pathfinder. To see his gallery of art, visit: http://www.florianstitz.de/home.html

Florian will be in attendance the entire weekend to chat with players and is offering the following services for before and during the event:

1. Have PP related prints on site for sale from his collection.
2. Allow players to pre-order prints ahead of the event to be collected there. This can include group orders for players back home.
3. Offer players the opportunity to pre-book time with him where they can specify an original sketch they’d like him to do on-site.
4. Use any other time available on site to create original sketches for people on demand.

To pre-order prints or to pre-book time for sketches, contact Florian at florian@florianstitz.de and check out his Facebook page.



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