Muse on Minis teams up with the 2014 WTC.

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The WTC Committee is pleased to announce that we have formed a partnership with Muse on Minis for the 2014 edition of the WTC.  As part of the agreement, members of the MoM team will travel to the event and also be selling Muse on Store items.

Muse on Minis is one of the most popular Warmachine/Hordes related social media broadcasters.  They cover the game and community via a weekly podcast, website blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Forums.  In addition, their podcast feed hosts numerous other Warmachine/Hordes related podcasts.

Muse on Minis will be sending at least one member of the podcast to the event to record interviews on-site.  In addition they will be filming 4 games each round to supplement the 5th game that Chain Attack will be live streaming.  The recorded games will be posted up to the internet after the event concludes.  They will also provide news and coverage on their podcast before and after the event takes place, including interviews with the WTC organising team.

Muse on Store is the retail branch of the Muse on Minis enterprise.  MoS specialises in creating accessories specifically designed for use in the Warmachine/Hordes game. The latest product is full sets of wooden tokens to cover all spell effects and abilities within each faction.


MoS will be taking pre-orders from anyone attending the WTC this year with free delivery on site of pre-paid items.  In addition they will be selling a few select items at a vending area on-site for spontaneous purchases.  Watch the store for a WTC preorder page to go up on July 1st.

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