WTC Committee seeks applications for 2015 host nation.

Even though everyone is getting excited for the WTC 2014, it’s time we start the selection process for the WTC 2015 host, which will be publicly announced at the award ceremony this year.

This is the timeline the Committee has set up for the process:

  • July 31st – deadline for submitting full applications
  • August – the Committee will review applications, possibly asking the applicants to provide some additional details (in case there is a large number of applications, Committee may shortlist them to about 5)
  • August 31st – final applications are sent out to the captains, who will vote on the 2015 host city
  • September 16th – successful applicant informed, lock in date (this may happen a bit later if some Captains are late with votes);
  • October 5th – 2015 host publicly announced

If you want to apply, please send an email to Hosting the event requires at minimum the following:

  • Space, tables, timers, and terrain necessary for at least 80 tables (ie 32 teams) and up to 160 tables (ie 64 teams);
  • Be near an international travel hub;
  • Have rooming and dining facilities either on-site or very close by;
  • Have a dedicated group of individuals (at least 2-3) able to handle the logistics of the event over the course of ~18 months.
  • Have a means to handle the finances of the event (bank account, record keeping, etc).

Obviously, the more information you’re able to provide, the higher your chances of being selected! In the past, the Captains were most impressed with applications that were thorough. We will not be doing a screening process this year – only fully prepared proposals should be submitted. This means the application should describe the experience players would have from their travel plans to the event, ground transportation, the gaming side of the event, and the logistics (hotel/food) of the event. Some preliminary costs will be very helpful to include, along with some pictures of the venue and a map to how it is connected to transportation links. 

Note that a host does not gain any form of ownership of the event, nor can they keep any profit from the event. Any profit is added to the Committee’s reserves.  We are looking forward to receive your applications.


About WTC Committee

The World Team Championship of Warmahordes & Guild Ball.
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